Sorting “WandaVision” Characters into Hogwarts Houses

All nine episodes of WandaVision, one of the latest installments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, are available to stream now on Disney+. The new series follows Scarlet Witch – Wanda Maximoff – and Synthezoid Vision after the events of Avengers: Endgame. Here, we Sort some of the WandaVision characters into their corresponding Harry Potter Houses.


Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch – Gryffindor



Like Harry, Wanda has a past filled with tragedy and loss. Her pain leads her to capture the town and residents of Westview to create her ideal world where she and Vision are married and go on to have kids. Although this act is quite manipulative, a characteristic that Slytherins are known for, her next actions put her in Gryffindor. Agatha gave her the option of living her perfect life in Westview if she gave up her powers to her. Instead, Wanda fought and defeated Agatha, freed the residents, and let her family go. It would have so easy for her to live in her ideal world with her family, but instead, she faced up to her actions and let them go, which took a lot of bravery and character.


Vision – Hufflepuff



Vision in WandaVision is not the real Vision; instead, he is a new version of the character created by Wanda from the part of the Mind Stone that lives in her as a result of her loss. Since this new manifestation of the character comes from Wanda, he is incredibly loyal to her and is the embodiment of hope and love. He is an honorable and decent creature who encouraged Wanda to do the right thing by letting Westview go back to normal, even though it would mean he would disappear from existence.


Agatha Harkness/Agnes – Slytherin



Initially introduced as Agnes, Wanda and Vision’s nosy neighbor, it was then revealed that Agatha was the one who was interfering with Wanda’s idyllic life all along. Agatha was obsessed with Wanda’s powers and manipulated their surroundings to learn more about Wanda’s abilities with the aim of stealing them. Although Wanda defeated her and stripped her of her magical powers, Agatha’s schemes and ambitions definitely make her a Slytherin.


Monica Rambeau – Gryffindor



The daughter of the late Maria Rambeau, Monica inherited her mother’s courage. Like many other Gryffindors, Monica was willing to put herself in danger to protect others. When the SWORD rover was unable to penetrate the Anomaly barrier, she used her body instead, exposing herself to the bombardment of radiation that altered her DNA multiple times, all to reach Wanda. In the final conflict, she took the bullets meant for Wanda’s children without knowing what effect it would have on her.


Jimmy Woo – Hufflepuff



In Ant-Man and the Wasp, Woo proved himself to be a man who followed the rules. This changed in WandaVision when instead of following Hayward’s corrupt orders, he followed his moral compass and did the right thing. His dedication to fairness makes him a Hufflepuff.


Darcy Lewis – Ravenclaw



As an astrophysicist, the audience assumes she is incredibly intelligent. This is proven when she watches WandaVision and discovers the truth of the situation. Not only does she use her brains to figure out what was happening within the Hex, but she also suspected the truth about Hayward and his motivations too.


Tyler Hayward – Slytherin



Hayward manipulated the truth, portraying Wanda in the worst light to convince members of SWORD that she was the villain who stole Vision’s dead body and resurrected him to spur them into action against her. Hayward’s cunning nature puts him in Slytherin.


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