Sorting “Loki” Characters into Hogwarts Houses

We previously Sorted the characters of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier into their respective Harry Potter Houses, so we thought we would do the same for the new Marvel Cinematic Universe TV series Loki. This latest installment follows a different Loki than the rest of the series. The Loki in this show is a variant of the character we already know. Instead of returning to Asgard following the events of The Avengers, this Loki steals the Tesseract and is captured by Time Variance Authority (TVA), an organization that exists outside of time and space and monitors the timeline for threats. He starts helping the organization against a greater threat.


Loki – Slytherin



Throughout the series, this mission leads Loki to demonstrate some great redemptive moments. However, he is still an ambitious character at his core who manipulates his situation and the people around him to get what he wants, putting him firmly in Slytherin.


Sylvie – Ravenclaw



Since she’s a Loki variant, the TVA took Sylvie from her timeline at a young age; however, she managed to escape them and hid from them in history while planning how to destroy the organization. She and Loki meet during an apocalyptic event, and they team up to find out who’s really running the TVA and bring them down. The two develop feelings for each other, leading her to prune herself to try and get back to him. Her ability to hide from the TVA for all those years proves her intelligence and puts her in Ravenclaw.


Mobius M. Mobius – Hufflepuff



Mobius is an agent of the TVA who brings in Loki to help deal with the larger threat, which turned out to be Sylvie. While initially loyal to the TVA, he soon becomes friends with Loki. Once he finds out the truth about the organization (that all its agents were really variants who had their prior lives erased), his loyalty changes from the organization to Loki and Sylvie. Even after they were pruned, he did what he could to help them find out more about the organization and bring it down. His loyalty to his friends definitely makes him a Hufflepuff.


Ravonna Renslayer – Slytherin



Also a member of the TVA, Ravonna is incredibly loyal to the TVA throughout the entire series. Unlike Mobius, she knows more about the TVA and what they were doing all along. This knowledge doesn’t influence her decisions, and she chooses to protect the organization, even if it means manipulating the other agents. Her cunning and secretive nature put her in Slytherin.


Classic Loki – Gryffindor



Classic Loki is another Loki variant who lives in the Void at the end of time, where Loki, Sylvie, and Mobius go after they are all pruned. This version of Loki is an older one who faked his death to survive Thanos and spent most of his life in seclusion. Classic Loki can create more powerful illusions than Loki and uses this ability to distract Alioth, the massive cloud-like creature that destroys all variants in the Void. His actions resulted in his own death but also allowed Loki and Sylvie to successfully enchant Alioth, which led them to face Kang, the man behind the TVA. Classic Loki’s bravery makes him a Gryffindor.


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