50 “Harry Potter” Characters and Their D&D Alignments

We all know what Hogwarts Houses the Harry Potter characters are in, but what about their D&D alignments?  Here is a list of 50 Harry Potter characters and their alignments.

Before we dive in, we’ll explain what D&D alignments are. In the Dungeons and Dragons game, characters have specific alignments that define what kind of person they are. Alignments are based on a person’s commitment toward order and chaos as well as good and evil. There are nine total alignment combinations.

Lawful Good characters believe in honor, honesty, and justice. They believe that laws exist for the good of the community. Neutral Good characters will obey the law if it helps benefit the greater good. They are willing to break the rules if it means doing the right thing. Chaotic Good characters believe in doing the right thing no matter how they get there.

Lawful Neutral characters believe in following their own code. They will follow their leaders blindly when it comes to maintaining order. Neutral Neutral – or True Neutral – characters believe in balance. They generally don’t take sides and instead serve themselves. Chaotic Neutral characters put their own personal freedom first. They don’t believe in going out of their way to harm or help someone.

Lawful Evil characters believe in using the law to benefit themselves. They are very careful with making promises and enjoy using the law to seize control. Neutral Evil characters will side with anyone who will further their own agenda. They care only for themselves. Chaotic Evil characters have no respect for others. They will do whatever it takes to get whatever they want.



  1. Cedric Diggory is Lawful Good
  2. Arabella Figg Is Lawful Good
  3. Hermione Granger is Lawful Good
  4. Neville Longbottom is Lawful Good
  5. Minerva McGonagall is Lawful Good
  6. Poppy Pomfrey is Lawful Good
  7. Colin Creevey is Neutral Good
  8. Dobby is Neutral Good
  9. Remus Lupin is Neutral Good
  10. Harry Potter is Neutral Good
  11. Molly Weasley is Neutral Good
  12. Sirius Black is Chaotic Good
  13. Albus Dumbledore is Chaotic Good
  14. Rubeus Hagrid is Chaotic Good
  15. Luna Lovegood is Chaotic Good
  16. Alastor Moody is Chaotic Good
  17. Nymphadora Tonks is Chaotic Good
  18. Ginny Weasley is Chaotic Good
  19. Ron Weasley is Chaotic Good
  20. Arthur Weasley is Chaotic Good
  21. Barty Crouch Sr. is Lawful Neutral
  22. Dudley Dursley is Lawful Neutral
  23. Petunia Dursley is Lawful Neutral
  24. Irma Pince is Lawful Neutral
  25. Percy Weasley is Lawful Neutral
  26. Ludo Bagman is True Neutral
  27. Amos Diggory is True Neutral
  28. Cornelius Fudge is True Neutral
  29. Draco Malfoy is True Neutral
  30. Horace Slughorn is True Neutral
  31. Regulus Black is Chaotic Neutral
  32. Gellert Grindelwald is Chaotic Neutral
  33. Peeves is Chaotic Neutral
  34. Rita Skeeter is Chaotic Neutral
  35. Severus Snape is Chaotic Neutral
  36. Marge Dursley is Lawful Evil
  37. Vernon Dursley is Lawful Evil
  38. Argus Filch is Lawful Evil
  39. Lucius Malfoy is Lawful Evil
  40. Dolores Umbridge is Lawful Evil
  41. Barty Crouch, Jr. is Neutral Evil
  42. Merope Gaunt is Neutral Evil
  43. Igor Karkaroff is Neutral Evil
  44. Peter Pettigrew is Neutral Evil
  45. Quirinus Quirrell is Neutral Evil
  46. Morfin Gaunt is Chaotic Evil
  47. Fenrir Greyback is Chaotic Evil
  48. Bellatrix Lestrange is Chaotic Evil
  49. Lord Voldemort is Chaotic Evil
  50. Corban Yaxley is Chaotic Evil


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