CC #467: Week of March 13, 2022

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Warner Bros. promotional image for Harry Potter and the Secrets of Dumbledore’s Army Back at Hogwarts Please Come See This Movie (with Some Fantastic Beasts).

Jacob: “So, is anyone going to tell me why we’re standing around inside this condemned building that has a ‘keep out’ sign on it?”

Jacob: “Why are we standing in a pile of ruins?”
Newt: “Where is Tina?”
McGonagall: (in the back) “Why am I alive right now?”

Theseus was confused about how to wear the necktie, so he opted to tie it around his index finger, hoping to start a new fashion trend!
—Friend of Fawkes

Theseus: “I told you we needed the whole Great Hall to set this up.”
Jacob: “What is it?”
Newt: “It’s the Dumbledore family tree.”

Tina: “Baby, I’m not even here. I’m a hallucination.”

Witch in the rear: (thinking) “While their attention is riveted on whatever that is, I’m going to grab some toast off the table. Spell-casting on an empty stomach is dangerous!”
—Friend of Fawkes

Everyone stood in awe as Dumbledore just created indoor plumbing.

Theseus: “There – this screen should be big enough.”
Dumbledore: “It could still be bigger; remember, we can’t afford any mistakes here.”
Jacob: “What’s this for?”
Dumbledore: “It’s for when Kenobi starts streaming. Can you tell I’ve been growing my beard for the occasion?”

Jacob: (thinking) “Three fancy watch fobs, and not one of you really knows what time it is!”
—Friend of Fawkes

Newt: “It’s beautiful.”
Dumbledore: “Thanks. Five points to Hufflepuff.”
Theseus: “I’m speechless.”
Dumbledore: “Thanks. Five points to Hufflepuff.”
Eulalie: “It could have been bigger.”
Dumbledore: “You teach at Ilvermorny, right?”
Eulalie: “Yes.”
Dumbledore: “Ten points from Pukwudgie.”

Dumbledore: “And here’s a painting I made of me and Gellert kissing by the lake.”
Everyone: (awkward silence)

Dumbledore: “Once more unto the breach, dear friends…”
Witch in the rear: (thinking) “Oh no! Does he think we’re doing Shakespeare at the Globe again?”
—Friend of Fawkes

Dumbledore: “Please stay back, Professor McGonagall. I know we’ve name-dropped you for fan service, but you’re still not important enough to stand up front with us.”

The gang takes down Grindelwald.





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