13 Feminist Songs That Apply to Moments in Hermione Granger’s Life

Have you ever imagined specific songs during moments in the Harry Potter series? What about songs for specific characters? For National Women’s History Month, we want to celebrate our favorite Potter badass, Hermione Granger. Here is a playlist with songs of empowerment that apply to her key moments in the series.



1. “You Don’t Own Me” – Lesley Gore – When Ron says she can’t date Victor Krum

2. “Respect” – Aretha Franklin – When Hermione does Harry and Ron’s homework… again

3. “That’s My Girl” – Fifth Harmony – Going back to school after the Battle of Hogwarts

4. “Rise” – Katy Perry – Hunting for Horcruxes

5. “Girl on Fire” – Alicia Keys – Organizing Dumbledore’s Army

6. “I Am Enough” – Daphne Willis – Recovering in the Hospital Wing after her teeth grew in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

7. “Legacy” – Daphne Willis – Organizing SPEW

8. “Like a Girl” – Lizzo – Dumbledore’s Army defense classes

9. “SUPERBLOOM” – MisterWives – OWL results

10. “Castle (The Huntsman: Winter’s War Version)” – Halsey – Battle of Hogwarts

11. “I Rise” – Madonna – Planning Rita Skeeter’s Quibbler article

12. “I Did Something Bad” – Taylor Swift – Confunding Cormac McClaggen during Quidditch tryouts

13. “I’m That Good” – Tamara Bubble – Using a Time-Turner to get more study time


Are there any other feminist songs that would fit perfectly into Hermione’s life? Comment below!


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