Sorting “Charmed” Characters into Hogwarts Houses

Like Harry Potter, the original TV show Charmed is filled with magic, witches, bizarre creatures, and evil foes. Both stories start with the protagonists discovering their magical identities and follow their journeys navigating this magical destiny and battles against antagonists. During our latest rewatch of Charmed, we wondered which Harry Potter Houses they would belong in.


Prue Halliwell – Hufflepuff



After their mother died and their father left, Prue stepped in to help raise her sisters. Her loyalty to her family dictated much of her adult life. For years, she put her ambitions on hold to support her family. Her faithfulness and hard-working nature put her in Hufflepuff.


Piper Halliwell – Hufflepuff



Piper is the sister who most wanted a normal life, to have a family and raise that family without constantly having demons and warlocks hunting them. Despite this wish, her moral compass and sense of justice meant that she continued to fight evil — all while balancing her life as a wife, mother, and club owner. Talk about a Hufflepuff sense of duty!


Phoebe Halliwell – Gryffindor



Phoebe started the series a bit lost, not sure of her place in the world. She went back to college and got a degree in psychology, which took lots of courage. She’s also the only one of her sisters who doesn’t have an active power for the majority of the show’s run, but that doesn’t stop her from battling evil. That’s not to mention the inner strength and courage it took to defeat her husband, Cole — she’s truly a lion at heart.


Paige Matthews – Gryffindor



As the long-lost daughter, it was hard to go from an independent social worker to a Charmed one, yet Paige accepted this change very bravely. Unlike her other sisters, she was also half-Whitelighter, so she had to learn how to juggle both aspects of her inheritance. Both roles often led her into danger, but she accepted that, putting her squarely in Gryffindor.


Leo Wyatt – Hufflepuff



Leo went on a journey throughout the series. He started off as a Whitelighter before becoming an Elder, then Avatar, then finally human. It was his love for Piper and the family they created that led him to change the world as an Avatar before eventually relinquishing all the powers he had so he could live out his days with her and their children. This self-sacrificing loyalty lands him in Hufflepuff.


Darryl Morris – Hufflepuff



Darryl is the only mortal who is a fairly consistent presence in the sisters’ lives throughout the show. He is incredibly loyal to his family and did what he could to help the sisters, often putting his life and career at risk. Despite their falling out in Season 6, his strong sense of justice led to him helping them again before his relocation. Into Hufflepuff he goes!


Cole Turner – Slytherin



Cole belongs in Slytherin — not because he was either a demon or The Source for most of his run, but because of his manipulative nature. Although he fell for Phoebe and was one of her great loves, he initially wormed his way into her life and heart to kill her.


What Houses do you think these characters belong in? Let us know in the comments!


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