Sorting Film and TV Witches into Hogwarts Houses

Over the last few decades, there have been various films and TV shows with strong witches. While they may not have gone to Hogwarts, they certainly have plenty of traits in common with the witches and wizards that Potterheads are familiar with. Today, we’re Sorting some of the witches from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the original version of Charmed, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, The Vampire Diaries, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe into their respective Hogwarts Houses.


Willow Rosenberg (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) – Gryffindor



Willow is a very complicated character. She starts the show as a very bookish and studious young woman — traits that would seem to put her in Ravenclaw. However, throughout the course of the series, she develops her magic, which gives her the confidence to join the fight against evil (much like Neville Longbottom!). Even after her time as Dark Willow, she retains this bravery, making her a Gryffindor at heart.


Prue Halliwell (Charmed) – Hufflepuff



The eldest Halliwell sister had to help raise her sisters following their mother’s death. This position meant that she constantly put her sisters’ well-being above her own. Her practical sense of responsibility and her loyalty to her family puts her in Hufflepuff.


Piper Halliwell (Charmed) – Hufflepuff



Piper was the sister who was the least excited to be a witch. Several times throughout the series, she expressed her desire to get rid of her powers so she could live an ordinary life and have a family. Despite her desires, her sense of loyalty to her family and desire to help the innocent prevailed, making her a pretty selfless Hufflepuff.


Pheobe Halliwell (Charmed) – Gryffindor



Phoebe had to overcome a lot of challenges during the show. She fell in love with a demon, had a tumultuous romance, and then had to defeat him. This painful act took a lot of strength and courage to survive, which put her Gryffindor nature on display.


Paige Matthews (Charmed) – Gryffindor



As the long-lost daughter, Paige had to give up her independent, normal life and find her place in the sisterhood — something that takes guts, which she has in abundance. Being both a witch and a Whitelighter, she also constantly puts herself in danger, which certainly seems to be a Gryffindor habit.


Sabrina Spellman (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) – Gryffindor



Sabrina demonstrates traits from several Houses. She is intelligent and cunning; she often comes up with numerous plans to defeat her foes, and she is also incredibly loyal to her friends and family. But her most prevalent characteristic is her bravery, which ensures she constantly puts herself in the line of fire against the villains. 


Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch (Marvel Cinematic Universe) – Slytherin



Like Willow, Wanda changes a lot throughout her time in the MCU. She joined the Avengers in their fight against Ultron and Thanos, making her a hero. However, she experienced a lot of pain with the losses of her brother, romantic partner, and conjured children. This drove her to place an entire town under her spell, attempt to kidnap a child to gain her powers, and kill everyone who got in her way. Her ruthlessness and her cunning nature make her a Slytherin.


Bonnie Bennett (The Vampire Diaries) – Hufflepuff



Bonnie is incredibly selfless and loyal to her friends. Over the course of the show, she constantly sacrifices herself for them, despite the cost to her own wellbeing. Though that certainly takes some bravery, there is no question that someone this loyal belongs in Hufflepuff.


What do you think of our list? Do you agree with our Sorting? Let us know in the comments.


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