20 Ways to Work Your “Harry Potter” Knowledge into Your Résumé

You know, one of the most difficult things to do – aside from trying to get over the fact that the Harry Potter series is over – is to get a job. Truly, in this day and age, and in this economy, the idea of the whole job-hunting process can make you want to retch. (We’re pretty sure quite a few people already have, actually.)

But honestly, how could you not? The incredibly few and far-between interviews, the innumerable test tasks, the constantly edited résumés – it’s a completely taxing journey.

With that in mind, we thought: Since this is going to be about as exciting as getting the Dementor’s Kiss, why not make it enjoyable for everyone across the table? 

That said, we present 20 ways to work your Harry Potter knowledge into your résumé.


1. Say that you’ve got unmatched organizational skills because you can easily file away every single bit of obscure Potter information and pull it out at a moment’s notice.

2. You can also add the fact that every single one of your favorite Harry Potter fan fictions is organized according to genre, completion, trope, ship, angst level, and how much they make you sob.

3. Add in the fact that you’re flexible because you aren’t anything if not that. After all, how could it not be flexible of you to easily rearrange your schedule for a spontaneous Harry Potter binge?

4. Oh, don’t forget that flexibility also comes in handy when you turn yourself into a pretzel so that canon doesn’t completely destroy you (again).

5. You’re insanely collaborative because of all your experience in the fandom.

6. Your collaborative skills also come into play thanks to all the fan content you’ve made with your fellow Potterheads.

7. Having leadership skills is something that’s been ingrained in you since you became one of the high-ranking captains of your favorite ship.

8. Put in the fact that you’re incredibly responsible because you make it your life’s mission for everyone to know about Harry Potter and all its glory.

9. It’s also very responsible for you to never forget your mourning time on October 31, right?

10. It also helps a lot whenever you need to stop a scuffle in the servers and communities.

11. Creativity is something that runs in your blood, given all the alternate scenarios you’ve come up with.

12. Your time-management skills are impeccable when it comes to coming up with a schedule for your reread.

13. At this point, you’ve developed immense problem-solving skills after all the plotholes you’ve fixed while beta-reading your friends’ Harry Potter alternate universe fan fiction.

14. You have unparalleled emotional intelligence after going through both canon and non-canon trauma.

15. After many, many sleepless nights – courtesy of rewatches – you’ve developed incredible decision-making skills.

16. Being attuned to the atmosphere of the room is a skill you’ve perfected after all the character psychoanalyzing you’ve been doing.

17. Because of this, you also know exactly which Harry Potter movie to put on to match the mood.

18. Teamwork is something you pride yourself on after managing to create an entire alternate universe rewrite with your friends.

19. Critical thinking is something you’ve been doing flawlessly since you started obsessively looking for all the foreshadowing present in the books.

20. You possess unbendable integrity after all the times you’ve admitted what you thought should have happened, despite the sheer chaotic nature of your desires.

Princess Jhode Datu

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