CC #484, Week of February 19, 2023

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Ron: “Egypt was great. There is sand and pyramids.”
Harry: “… And?”
Ron: “And what?”

Harry: “So, what was Egypt like?”
Ron: “Great. Except for the business with the mummy.”
Harry: “Mummy?”
Ron: “Well, we accidentally awakened this mummy who went around killing people. He also thought Ginny was his long-lost love, and he unleashed the Ten Plagues on Egypt. Fortunately, he was afraid of cats.”
Harry: “Ron, that’s the plot of the movie with Brendan Fraser.”
Ron: “Yeah, and don’t think we’re not suing!”

Ron: “This is my new brother. My parents found him at an orphanage. His name is Stuart.”
Harry: “…”

Ron: (telling a complicated story about his rat)
Harry: (wondering how that person isn’t dropping all those dishes)

Ron: “He’s a little pathetic, but look, he only has nine toes. That’s cool.”

Ron: “So, while we were in Egypt, we learned about this powerful ancient curse. It’s a piece of old Egyptian magic that no one has figured out how to do for thousands of years, but Ginny is going to give it a try anyway. It’s called the Bat-Bogey Hex.”

Ron: “Don’t let me forget to pack Scabbers. He’s really important to the plot this year.”

The Rat and Ron – greatest love story ever told.

Ron: “I swear those hairs were yellow this morning…”

Ron: “So, I decided to wear Muggle clothes to Hogwarts this year.”
Harry: “Me, too! What a coincidence!”

“Hey, Harry. Look what Scabbers can do. He’s finally learned something useful.”

Ron: “With Sirius Black on the loose, I wonder if I should leave Scabbers at home this year.”
Harry: “Ron, don’t be silly. Do you really think that Sirius Black is coming after Scabbers?”

Ron: “We call him Scabbers because he’s scabby.”
Pettigrew: “Hey, you don’t hear me calling you freckly ginger.”

Ron: “So, while we were in Egypt, there was a death on the Nile, and for some reason, the mystery was solved by someone who looked exactly like Gilderoy Lockhart.”

Ron: “I’m worried about Scabbers. He’s not eating, he’s mangy, and he keeps spelling out ‘SOS: Keep Sirius Black away from me’ with his food.”

The Leaky Cauldron never has enough customers to use that many plates, but the wait staff has to practice balancing them every day just in case.
—Friend of Fawkes

Ron: “Look at this article about the Chudley Cannons. They’re doing better than usual this year.”
Harry: “Ron, this article says they’re second worst in the league.”
Ron: “Yeah, SECOND worst.”
Harry: “I’m beginning to see why Ginny prefers the Holyhead Harpies.”

Ron: “I’ll sell this perfectly legal and not suspicious rat that has weirdly been alive for 11 years for five bucks.”
—Draco’s GF

Ron: (laughs) “Let Scabbers read the paper; he’d love to hear about Sirius Black.”
Harry: “You treat that rat like it’s a human.”
Scabbers: (squeaks gleefully)

Rupert Grint: “Did you hear that M. Night Shyamalan decided not to direct this film?”
Daniel Radcliffe: “That’s a shame. But I’m sure the movie he’s working on now, The Village, will turn out to be a masterpiece.”
Rupert Grint: “By the way, he said that he would keep me in mind if he ever needs a servant or a knock at a cabin.”
Daniel Radcliffe: “He’s weird.”





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