CC #486, Week of April 2, 2023

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Amos: “I bet you could fit in my backpack.”
Harry: (laughs uncomfortably)

Amos: “So, what’d you do before you got here?”
Harry: “Um, I ate breakfast.”
Amos: “Cedric eats breakfast better than you!”
Harry: “That’s not even a competition.”
Amos: “You’re only saying that because you’re losing!”

Amos: “I say there, where’d you get your glasses? They look smashing on you.”
Harry: “Warby Parker.”
Amos: “Come on. There’s no such person!”
—Friend of Fawkes

Amos: “An honor to meet you, Harry. The boy who lived! Hah, more like the boy who lost to my son at Quidditch, right?”

Amos: “Cedric beat you at Quidditch!”
Harry: “That’s in book canon. In movie canon, he got struck by lightning and fell to the ground.”
Amos: “Then who caught the Snitch?”
Harry: “That’s a… good question.”

Amos: “We were all supposed to grow our hair out for this one, right?”

Amos: “If you’re such a great wizard, why are you wearing glasses? Can’t you fix your eyesight?”
Harry: “You’re literally wearing glasses, too.”

Amos: “Muggle clothing isn’t all that hard to do, really.”
—Ron J.

Amos: “Merlin’s beard, you must be Weird Al!”
Harry: “…What?”

That awkward moment when you forget someone’s name.
—Draco’s GF

In the Cursed Child movie:
Amos: “Please, Harry, you must use the Time-Turner to bring my son back!”
Harry: “No, it would be wrong to alter time.”
Amos: “You altered time to save your godfather.”
Harry: “Yeah, but that was different. You see, Sirius wasn’t dating Cho Chang.”

Amos: “I thought the Scottish team was playing, which is why I’m wearing so much plaid.”

Harry: “Err… I’m sorry, Mr. Diggory, but I don’t think we can take adults to the Yule Ball.”
Mr. Diggory: “Oh, I see.”

Harry: “So, how will we be getting there?”
Amos: “Floo powder.”
Statue of Ignatia Wildsmith: “You can’t IMAGINE how inconvenient travel was before I invented Floo powder.”
Harry and Amos: (in unison) “SHUT UP!”





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