30 Fun Potterhead Names for Your Group Chat

Having a group chat with your friends is the best way to stay in touch when you can’t hang out in person. If you happen to have some Potterhead besties (first of all – congrats, you’ve won this life!) – or even one close Potter-loving friend – and want to spice up your daily dialogues, we’re here to help you.

Why not choose a magical name for your group chat that’ll make you smile every time you get a notification? Of course, you could pick something common, like “Hogwarts” or one of the four Houses, but in case you want something extra, here’s a list with some really cool ideas. Let us know which name you liked the best.



1. Double, double, toil and trouble – or simply just Double Trouble

2. The Golden Trio – if you and your two besties are feeling like the main characters

3. The Chamber of Secrets – if you love sharing all the latest tea

4. The Marauders – for the mischievous quartet who relate to James and his pals

5. The Big Seven – you have a big chat with seven members? Could there be another, better name for you?

6. Babbling, Bumbling Band of Baboons – try saying that five times faster

7. Order of the Phoenix – if you feel like fighting evil

8. Death Eaters – on the contrary, if you feel like enjoying the Dark side

9. The Chosen Ones – do you believe that destiny has chosen you for a special mission?

10. Three Broomsticks – so you’ll always feel warm and cozy

11. Chudley Cannons – for all the sports fans out there

12. Fortuna Major – let fortune favor the brave, just like the Gryffindors

13. The Slug Club – do you feel like organizing a fancy dinner with this name?

14. Triwizards – can also include a fourth member, so don’t get fooled by the title

15. Dumbledore’s Army – if you’re feeling a little rebellious

16. Acid Pops – feeling like you’re on fire? Found the perfect chat name for you!

17. The Burrow – a place that feels like home

18. Expecto Patronum! – for the chat where you need and expect each other’s help

19. The Seven Potters – the perfect solution for all those fans whose favorite character is Harry himself

20. Mumbulus Mumbletonia – any gossip and plant lovers over here?

21. SPEW – for your activist friends

22. The Daily Prophets – if you love sharing all the latest tea, vol. 2

23. Bertie Botts Beans – for that friend group where every person is unique and one of a kind

24. The Inquisitorial Squad – do you want to be the one in control? Don’t forget your badges!

25. The Fantastic Beasts – couldn’t leave out our pet-loving fans

26. Potterwatch – if you like talking with riddles and ciphers, this is the best option for you

27. Riddikulus – in case you love a good laugh

28. Zonko’s Jokes – do you guys enjoy pranking others? Maybe you’ll need a little help from Zonko!

29. Mischief Managed! – are you those famous troublemakers? This could become a great chat name and a cool slogan for your group.

30. Dumbledorks – something simpler for all the pun lovers


Did we manage to convince you that Muggle technologies can also be full of witchcraft and wizardry? It’s all about the little things – one simple name can change a dull group chat into a magical one. If you want to make the conversations even more fun, you could also rename each member as a character from the series.

AnnMary Mailyan

"Harry Potter" has been an integral part of my life ever since childhood, I wouldn't be the same person without the Wizarding World. Apart from being a huge Potterhead, I'm a big bookworm and a writer, who loves exploring everything new, inspiring and motivating people and being creative.