Fred and George Weasley’s Bucket List

As Hogwarts students, Fred and George Weasley were quite the daring duo. From attempting to illegally enter the Triwizard Tournament, to stealing the Marauder’s map right from underneath Filch’s nose, the twins were a couple of madcaps. Subsequently, we could not have been less surprised to find their shared bucket list seemingly forgotten in one of the castle’s many secret passageways, the route by which they preferred to travel. So sit down, crack open a Butterbeer, and join us in a reading of Fred and George Weasley’s pre-teen bucket list, for it is sure to make you laugh.


  1. Get Filched sacked.
  2. Steal a Hogwarts toilet seat for Ginny. 
  3. Visit Dad at the Ministry of Magic and cause chaos by pranking the high-ranking officials.
  4. Beat Slytherin for the Inter-House Quidditch Cup. 
  5. Figure out who the Marauder’s are and thank them for their service.
  6. Try out what the Muggle’s refer to as “skydiving”.
  7. Find out what happens when you feed a Filibuster Firework to a salamander. 
  8. Turn a school corridor into a swamp. 
  9. Finally explore the Forbidden Forest.
  10. Sneak into Hogsmeade at night. 
  11. Visit Charlie in Romania and somehow ride dragons.
  12. Set off a Dungbomb right in Filch’s face. 
  13. Find where the Hogwarts kitchens are so that we have an unlimited food supply. 
  14. Create our own prank products. 
  15. Open up our own prank shop. 
  16. Become so incredibly rich Mum and Dad never have to worry over finances again.


There you are folks: the Weasley Twins’s bucket list. What a set of goals, right? It is safe to say that quite a few of them were in fact accomplished.