CC #491, Week of September 17, 2023

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“Okay. First one to reach the end of the bridge gets Leta…. GO!”
—Kim K.

Theseus: “Um, shouldn’t we be going after Grindelwald right now?”
Newt: “Not now. There’s a squirrel in distress.”

Theseus: “Haha! Newt, you can roll your trouser legs down; there’s no flood.”
Newt: “That’s what you think.”
(tsunami roars in distance)

“I love this bridge. I hope it never gets blown up.”

Men’s Wearhouse. You’ll Love the Way You Strut!
—Friend of Fawkes

Theseus: “So, bad news about the creature I had on this leash.”
Newt: “Wait, ‘HAD’?!”

“I tried architectural engineering just like you said, and look what happened.”
—Ron J.

Theseus: “I’ve always believed that Hogwarts should add Magical Architecture to the curriculum.”
Newt: “Really? Why bother? A good Reparo spell can fix this janky bridge.”
—Friend of Fawkes

Theseus: “I can’t believe Dumbledore gave me this tie. It goes completely against my color profile.”

Just two British men on their way to audition for the latest version of Sherlock Holmes. As one does.





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