Ten Scenes From The “Chamber of Secrets” Movie That Weren’t in the Book

We often complain about our favorite book moments not making it into the adaptation, but have you ever thought about all those fun scenes we saw that weren’t in the books? If so, then this article is for you! We’ve already talked about the differences in The Sorcerer’s Stone, and now, let’s move on to the second part.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets stays fairly authentic to its original, just like its prequel. We did, however, manage to find ten curious scenes that weren’t in the second book. Can you already guess which ones we’re talking about?

1. Dobby drops the pudding on the guests.

The future free elf did whatever it took to make Harry not go back to Hogwarts. In the book, he drops Petunia’s pudding in the kitchen, which scares everyone in the guestroom. However, in the movie, he decides to go a little further and drops the cake directly on the Dursleys’ guests. That was savage!


The floating cake in the Dursleys' household

Dobby’s enchanted floating cake


2. Vernon falls out of the window.

Some fans reckon that the movies tried to make Vernon’s character into a sort of comic relief. So, naturally, all his scenes had to have something humorous. When the Weasleys come to rescue Harry, Uncle Vernon tries to catch his nephew, but as the car starts moving, he falls down the window. That must hurt a lot!



Vernon looking at the flying Ford

After Vernon’s fallen down the window


3. The Burrow makes magic.

We’re glad the directors added extra magic to the coziest place in the Wizarding World. In the original, the Burrow was just a comfy and a little messy household, but in the movies, the house was enchanted: the dishes were self-washing, a jumper was being knitted, and, to quote Harry, “it’s brilliant”!



The Burrow is enchanted

A jumper is knitting itself


4. Harry falls from the car.

The trip to Hogwarts on the magical car was quite uneventful and boring, at least according to Harry and Ron. To add more action to this scene, the Ford Anglia has an extreme encounter with the Hogwarts Express, and as Ron tries to get away from the train, Harry almost falls from the car. Luckily, Ron manages to hold tight and to drive safely… Well, until they have another unsuccessful encounter with the Whomping Willow.


Ron and Harry flying to Hogwarts on a car

Harry’s falling down the car


5. Neville faints.

Neville is the clumsiest character in the series, he truly is a pure magnet for bad luck. To prove that, the movie shows that Longbottom is the only student who faints from Mandrake’s cry. Even though he was wearing the earmuffs and couldn’t hear the deadly scream.



Neville at Herbology lesson

Neville at Herbology lesson


6. Lockhart has portraits of himself.

If there was an award for the most narcissistic and self-centered wizard, Gilderoy would have easily won that too. When we enter his class in the movie, we see many portraits of himself hanging from the walls. In one of the pictures, we even see two Lockharts – one painting the portrait of the other. This was the perfect way to dive a little deeper into Gilderoy’s character and show his “self-obsession”.



Gilderoy having self-portraits in his office

Gilderoy’s office


7. Goyle wears glasses.

When Harry and Ron turn into Crabbe and Goyle, Harry forgets about one important detail: to take off his glasses. Well, at least in the movie. So, imagine Malfoy’s surprise, when he sees his buddy wearing glasses. His response, “I didn’t know you could read” is hilarious, especially when you remember that Tom Felton forgot his actual line and improvised the scene.



Ron and Harry transformed into Crabbe and Goyle

Malfoy meets a transformed Ron and Harry


8. Lucius uses “Avada Kedavra”.

Imagine a 12-year-old not only ruining your plans of bringing the Dark Lord back but also taking away your house-elf, who’s been serving you for years. No wonder why Lucius got so mad. In the movie, he grabs his wand but only manages to say the first part of the spell before Dobby attacks his ex-master and saves Harry.



Lucius's about to use an unforgivable spell

Lucius attacking Harry


9. Harry and Ron meet Hermione.

This was such a sweet moment when three friends finally reunited. Hermione hugs Harry and shares a handshake with Ron, which, we think, is so cute. This moment is quite important in Romione’s relationship, because some fans are sure that Hermione and Ron have already started to develop some sort of feelings for each other without realizing it, and the awkward handshake just proves their theory.



The reunion of Harry, Ron and Hermione

Hermione and Ron’s awkward handshake


10. Hagrid returns to Hogwarts.

If you say, that you haven’t cried at least once during this scene, then you are a terrible liar! This is the first time Hagrid realizes how loved and appreciated he is, cause we don’t think he’s ever received a hall of applause. And, of course, we got the wonderful quote “There’s no Hogwarts without you, Hagrid”, which has become a fan-favorite.


Hagrid returns to Hogwarts

Students applaud for Hagrid


These were all the major changes we’ve noticed in The Chamber of Secrets movie. Stay tuned for The Prisoner of Azkaban, where we’ll discuss not only the cozy atmosphere of the adaptation but the numerous plot holes the extra scenes added as well.


"Harry Potter" has been an integral part of my life ever since childhood, I wouldn't be the same person without the Wizarding World. Apart from being a huge Potterhead, I'm a big bookworm and a writer, who loves exploring everything new, inspiring and motivating people and being creative.