Ten Scenes from The “Order of The Phoenix” Movie that Weren’t in the Book

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is often considered the most contradictory part of the series. On one hand, the book is thought to be the best among the others, on the other, its movie adaptation is quite weak because it lacks lots of cool moments from the original. However, just like the previous parts, we managed to find 10 scenes that weren’t in the book but added more depth to the fifth film and its characters. Let’s check them out! 

1. Harry sits on the swings.

We’re sure many of you got a little confused when you saw the opening of the movie for the first time, and we can understand why: it doesn’t feel like a scene from the Harry Potter series. However, this moment was a great metaphor (via the summer heat that seemed to never go away) for showing the hopeless situation of Harry. He found out that Voldemort was back, and saw his friend die, but instead of doing something, he got stuck in a hateful place with zero information and felt helpless.


Harry sits on the swings


2. Harry sees Voldemort on the platform.

This short scene helps us dive a little deeper into Harry’s character. Throughout the series, he seemed dauntless, nothing that happened to him seemed to affect him much. But here we can see that the events of last June indeed left some trauma on him and that he hadn’t been able to “digest” the stress yet.


Harry has a vision of Voldemort at the station


3. Harry cracks his neck like Voldemort.

We like the small moments that show us the similarity between Harry and Voldemort. We saw it in the Chamber of Secrets, when Harry lied to Dumbledore, just like Tom Riddle did in the diary memories. In this part, we can see how Harry cracked his neck every now and then, especially as he had visions of Voldemort. It showed that they are indeed connected.


Harry moves his neck like Voldemort

4. Hermione is happy about breaking the rules.

Lots of fans couldn’t understand why Hermione got into Gryffindor, cause she had the nerdy character perfect for Ravenclaw. However, in critical moments, she always showed her Gryffindor essence. When she realized that they needed to get ready for the danger outside, she was excited to break the rules and learn to defend themselves.


Hermione is excited about breaking the rules


5. Filch tries to catch Dumbledore’s Army.

Umbridge felt that something was going on right under her nose, so she ordered Filch to find out what was happening. The scene where Filch tries to spy on and catch the students along with the Inquisitorial Squad is hilarious, especially with the “Dumbledore’s Army” theme playing in the background.


Filch and the Inquisitorial Squad spying on Dumbledore’s Army

6. Harry talks to Sirius about being bad.

Harry was concerned about the growing similarity he saw with Voldemort. He talked about this with Sirius, and he got the best advice, as well as one of the most famous philosophical quotes of the series: “You’re not a bad person. You’re a very good person, who bad things have happened to. Besides, the world isn’t split into good people and Death Eaters.”


Sirius gives advice to Harry


7. Fred and George cancel exams.

In the book, Fred and George started doing lots of pranks after Umbridge became the Headmistress of Hogwarts. They made a swamp, set off fireworks, and disturbed lessons. But in the movie, they went a little further and “canceled” the O.W.L.’s with the amazing firework show. Also, let’s not forget how Professor Flitwick celebrated along with the students, that was a very cute moment.


Fred and George set fireworks

8. Harry confronts Umbridge.

We couldn’t miss the chance to remember one of Harry’s badass moments, which weren’t enough in films, at least compared to the books. When Umbridge realized that the centaurs were about to attack her, she begged Harry to tell them that she wouldn’t hurt them. To which Harry used Umbridge’s own words against her: “Sorry Professor, but I must not tell lies”. That was savage.


Umbridge begs Harry to help her


9. Sirius calls Harry “James”.

Many fans have noticed that both Harry and Sirius saw James in one another. Harry thought of Sirius as his father figure, while Sirius couldn’t help but remember about James any time he was with Harry. The scene where they’re fighting together, and Black says “Nice one, James”, just like he did in Snape’s memories, proves this observation.


Sirius mistakenly calls Harry “James”


10. Harry gives a motivational speech.

Despite facing new difficulties and a huge loss, it’s good to see that the movie ends on a positive note. Harry motivated his friends, saying they’re lucky to have something worth fighting for. It also became a transitional point, where the revolution had turned into a proper war.


Harry motivates his friends on the way to Hogwarts Express


These were all the extra moments of Order of the Phoenix. Which scene do you like the best, and which one was the most pointless in your opinion?

AnnMary Mailyan

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