Ten Scenes from The “Half-Blood Prince” Movie that Weren’t in the Book

If you ask every Potterhead what’s the worst film adaptation in the saga, we’re pretty sure lots of them will answer Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The movie lacks lots of very important plot lines, like Voldemort’s past, and it feels like someone decided to make it into a sort of comedy that doesn’t go well with the general atmosphere of the series.

However, many fans loved HBP, because it feels like that’s exactly what we need before the last two parts, where things get even more dangerous and sad. The movie offered many interesting moments, which were a little unusual for the Harry Potter series, but still were fun to watch. And now, we’re gonna discuss all the scenes, that were in the movie, but not in the book.


1. Harry gets a date.


As Harry’s reading the Daily Prophet in a local café, he starts talking with the beautiful waitress and asks her on a date. Sadly, Dumbledore suddenly arrives and ruins Harry’s plans. We appreciate all the moments that show the simple life of the characters, because with everything going on, sometimes we forget that Harry and his friends are just teenagers who are supposed to worry only about getting bad grades or asking someone out.


Harry flirts with the waitress


2. Harry, Ron, and Hermione have a laugh.


This was also a very short scene, proving the previous point. As the golden trio is discussing going back to Hogwarts, they start laughing at the silliest joke about Dumbledore’s age. This was a very cozy moment, something we didn’t get to see much of… just friends hanging out and having a laugh.


Harry, Hermione, and Ron laugh


3. Malfoy tries to fix the cabinet.


One of the things we absolutely loved about the sixth movie, was that it showed some scenes from Malfoy’s perspective as well. In the book, we find out that he was trying to fix the Vanishing Cabinet throughout the year, but in the movie, we get to see both his successful and unsuccessful attempts and “journey”.


Malfoy teleports an apple


4. Hermione talks to Harry about Ginny.


In the book, Hermione realizes that Harry has developed feelings for Ginny but doesn’t discuss it with him. On the contrary, she constantly makes little stinging remarks, asking why Harry’s talking or asking about Ginny. In the movie, however, she is a better friend, and as she is crying about Ron and Lavender, she also comforts Harry, saying she knows exactly how he feels.


Harry and Hermione comfort each other


5. Death Eaters set the Burrow on fire.


As Harry’s spending his Christmas holidays at the Burrow, it gets attacked by Death Eaters. This adds a little more action to the relatively uneventful movie, as Harry, Ginny, Arthur, Remus, and Tonks are trying to chase the enemy. This scene was very tense. And seeing The Burrow – our symbol of home and comfort, get burned was quite emotional.


Harry and the Weasleys look at the Burrow burning


6. Remus and Tonks date.


While in the book we got to guess what’s going on with Tonks, and even suspect that she’s heartbroken because she was in love with Sirius, in the movie the director got rid of that whole plot, and made Remus and Tonks date straight away. Well, at least in the films they got to spend more time together.


Lupin and Tonks leave the Burrow


7. Lavender confronts Hermione.


We love seeing some teenage love drama in the series, and the scene in the Hospital Wing where Lavender comes to visit her “Won-Won” and starts confronting Hermione is just hilarious. Next time you rewatch this part, make sure to pay attention to each of the professors’ facial expressions in the background. Trust us, you won’t regret it.


Lavender visits Ron at the Hospital Wing


8. Harry gets drunk from Felix Felicis.


For most of the series, Harry’s always been quite moody and serious, so it was fun to see the cheerful side of him. In the book, he’s simply in high spirits, but in the movie, he actually gets drunk from the Felix. And let’s not forget about two hilarious scenes of drunk Harry: the one, when he’s answering Slughorn with his serious “Sir?”, and the next, when he’s imitating Aragog’s pincers. Oh, and singing along with Hagrid and Slughorn.


Harry imitates Aragog’s pincers


9. Students raise wands.


This was one of the most emotional moments, as the students and teachers raised their wands for Dumbledore, after finding out that he was killed. The scene gives goosebumps every single time. Not to mention that it became a symbol of farewell for all Potterheads in the world.


Students raise their wands for Dumbledore


10. Harry, Hermione, and Ron look at the lake.


Could there be a better “saying goodbye to Hogwarts” moment than this? As the three friends discuss their further plans, they look out of the Astronomy Tower, as Fawkes flies in the sky. The simple quote – “I’ve never realized how beautiful this place was”, is truly touching, because it gives an official farewell to one chapter in Harry’s life and opens another one.


Harry and Hermione look at Hogwarts’ lake


Most of these extra scenes didn’t add anything essential to the plot, but they’ve become an integral part of the Harry Potter legacy, so they are definitely worth talking about.

AnnMary Mailyan

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