New Ant Species Named After Voldemort

There is a new He Who Must Not Be Named hunting in the wild! A new Dark Lord has been found crawling under the ground! Scientists have discovered a new ant species, acknowledging the Harry Potter series by naming it Leptanilla voldemort after the Dark Lord. 

These tiny and fearsome ants were discovered in Western Australia by a research team led by Dr. Mark Wong. The wondrous world of biodiversity has gained a new addition, and the list of Potter-inspired species has found another member.

Searching for the University of Australia, lead researcher Dr. Mark Wong dug up two of these fearsome ants in a 25-meter drilled hole in the grounds of the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Ants have more than 14,000 species worldwide, but only 60 of them are from the genus Leptinilla.

The naming of a species is an intricate and well-researched process that in this case showcases the cultural impact of Harry Potter. Moreover, a touch of magic makes it popular and engrossing for people of all ages.


voldemort ant

Leptinilla voldemort (Source: ZooKeys)


Wong describes the Leptinilla voldemort as a pale, long, and slender ant with sharp mandibles, qualities that align with the appearance of Lord Voldemort:

The fearsome antagonists in ‘Harry Potter’ and the ant both have a ghostly and slender appearance and live in the shadows.

Maybe the Dark Lord had armies of ants helping him! Attention, Scott Lang! There’s a new Ant-Man in town.

Adapting to the darkness, these ants are devoid of pigmentation, blind, and minuscule, which allows them to move in the soil. Unlike most ant species, they live in small colonies and nest exclusively underground. The ants’ physical appearance, habitat, and predatory nature reminded Wong of Voldemort, he said.

From what we know from the few observations of other Leptanilla species and the highly specialized, sharp mandibles of L. voldemort, this new species is almost surely a predator, a fearsome hunter in the dark. 

The scientists are still researching the newly found species to discover more about it. The sharp jaws of Leptinilla voldemort suggest they help the ant in hunting, but its exact prey is not known yet. Hopefully, this time it’s not Harry.


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