Sorting “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” Characters into Their Hogwarts Houses

The third iteration of Star Trek caused quite a stir with its stationary setting compared to the earlier series set on starships boldly traveling through space. But Deep Space Nine made its mark with intricate continuing storylines that were deeply political, philosophical, and even spiritual. The more serial format allowed for a large amount of character development over the seven seasons. Where would the Sorting Hat place those complex characters?


Captain Benjamin Sisko – Gryffindor



Like Harry, Sisko is the Chosen One, the Emissary of the Prophets. He didn’t ask for this, but he aims to fulfill his duties and destiny. He runs Deep Space Nine with a firm hand, holds his own against nefarious foes, and doesn’t take anyone’s nonsense, but he’s also a kind soul with a sense of humor. When it comes to baseball, his competitive side comes out. He’s a fiercely devoted father, friend, and leader who always speaks his mind, whether it’s to tell someone how much he appreciates them or how much they’re getting on his last nerve, and he’ll break the rules to do what he thinks is right.


Major Kira Nerys – Gryffindor



Kira was a resistance fighter on Bajor and carries that level of determination and defiance into everything she does. She is more concerned with justice than protocol and will take matters into her own hands whenever she deems it necessary, which is fairly often. Righteous outrage is Kira’s default.


Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax – Ravenclaw 



Jadzia, DS9’s chief science officer, carries the knowledge and experience of the symbiont Dax’s seven previous hosts, making her wise beyond her years. She’ll try anything once, if not twice or thrice. She’s comfortable with all sorts of people in all sorts of situations and keeps an open mind. Very little fazes her, no matter how strange, and she’s got a wild, experimental side.


Doctor Julian Bashir – Gryffindor



Dr. Bashir is excited to be stationed at Deep Space Nine because he is drawn to the idea of frontier medicine and the opportunity to be a hero. His fantasies involve fighting battles like the Alamo and being a secret agent, resulting in his being approached by Section 31 – though his moral code is too strong to approve of their underhanded methods. Although he craves glory and can be quite a show-off, his patients are always his top priority. Julian is also eager to make friends, sometimes annoying others with his desire for conversation, but his colleagues warm up to him eventually and trust him with their lives.


Chief Miles O’Brien – Hufflepuff



Unlike most of his colleagues, who are commissioned officers and graduates of Starfleet Academy, Miles is a crewman with more humble origins who worked his way up through the ranks. He takes pride in being descended from a union man and is always ready to fix the frequent problems on the station, even while parenting two young children. Can Miles ever have an easy day? If the station isn’t breaking down, he’s being abducted or attacked. He does not have the luck of the Irish, yet he always finds time to hang out in a holosuite with his best buddy, Julian.


Constable Odo – Slytherin



As chief of security, Odo is focused on rules and order – for the greater good. To deal with the underhanded criminals that find their way onto DS9, he has to be creative and cunning, often using his skills as a shapeshifter for surveillance. He may let minor crimes – like Quark’s antics – slide in order to deal with serious issues. Odo can be quite a curmudgeon, having little patience for frivolous matters when he has bigger fish to fry, but his main ambition is to serve justice, and he cares deeply for those close to him. There might be some Hufflepuff in there!


Quark – Slytherin



Like most Ferengi, Quark is obsessed with profit and always hatching some sort of moneymaking scheme. He knows the Rules of Acquisition by heart and is ready to quote them to justify his underhanded actions. But deep down, he does have some sense of morality and will aid the crew, especially if it benefits him or saves his own skin in the process.



Deep Space Nine has a large roster of recurring characters who deserve a shoutout. Captain Sisko’s son, Jake, dreams of being a writer, and his creativity puts in him Ravenclaw. Quark’s brother Rom – the less profit-focused but kinder of the two who becomes a labor organizer – is in Hufflepuff. His son Nog, who defies the traditions of his people to join Starfleet, belongs in Gryffindor. You never know if the Cardassian tailor/spy Garak is telling the truth, but he can be relied on to do the dirty work and is a handy ally, placing him in Slytherin. The duplicitous, power-hungry Gul Dukat is a Slytherin, as is the controlling fanatic Kai Wynn. Sisko’s eventual wife, freighter captain Kasidy Yates, leads an adventurous lifestyle that puts her in Gryffindor. See Worf, who joined the crew in the fourth season, in the Sorting of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Laurie Beckoff

My Harry Potter journey began in 2000 when I was six and continued through a bachelor's thesis and master's dissertation on medievalism in the series. I'm a Gryffindor from New York City with a passion for theatre, fantasy, Arthurian legend, and science fiction.