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Fan Focus: Chloe – October 25, 2015

Chloe from London is our newest Fan of the Week! Check out this Ravenclaw’s profile to see which iconic prop from the film she wishes she could keep!

Fan Focus: Julie – October 18, 2015

Meet Julie, a Ravenclaw from Denmark, who is our new Fan of the Week! Read on to see her profile and learn which prop she wishes she could have from the films! (Spoiler: It’s not something that would easily fit in your living room!)

Fan Focus: Khadija – October 4, 2015

Check out new Fan of the Week, Khadija, a Gryffindor from California! Read on to discover her favorite moment from the series that she wishes she could keep in a Pensieve!

Fan Focus: Sineka – September 27, 2015

Our new Fan of the Week, Sineka – a Ravenclaw from England – sums up her experience with the fandom in a single word and shares her excitement over “Fantastic Beasts” filming!

Fan Focus: Aishwarya – September 20, 2015

Aishwarya is our new Fan of the Week! This Ravenclaw from India shares the beautiful story of how she became a fan and what one item she wishes she could have from the set of the “Potter” films. Apply and you could be next!

Fan Focus: Shravani – September 13, 2015

Our new Fan of the Week is Shravani, a young Ravenclaw from India! Read about what she would see in the Mirror of Erised, and find out which character from the books she believes she would share a Patronus with!

Fan Focus: Juliana – September 6, 2015

Check out Fan of the Week Juliana, a Ravenclaw from Florida! See which prop she’d snag from the films if she could and what her favorite moments are from the series!

Fan Focus: Taylor – August 30, 2015

Meet Fan of the Week Taylor, a 22-year-old Ravenclaw from Georgia! Read all about her first adventure to Diagon Alley, find out which prop from the films she wishes she could have had, and apply to be next!

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