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The North Tower #27: Wands and Where to Find Them

After having finished my last article, I started writing one on Pettigrew and Neville (which will probably be published next week) but found that there was a whole new dimension to the wand problem that I wrote about last time, which I really should write about first, because it connects the first wand article and the Neville-Pettigrew one really nicely. This article isn’t about the making or properties of wands but more of an attempt to figure out just where they all are and just who is doing magic with whose wand. Ok, so here we go…

The North Tower #26: Wonderings About Wands

Today I thought I’d analyze something that has puzzled me for quite some time: the mystery of wands. We know from PS/SS that the wand chooses the wizard, which has lead to much discussion and speculation on just what kind of wand different people in the HP series carry and what that means in terms of the plot.

The North Tower #25: “The Prisoner of Azkaban” Movie

This is thus going to be a movie-in-relation-to-the-book article and probably more of a personal judgment on my part than any kind of solid literary analysis. But what the heck, I can take a little break sometimes too. 🙂 Okay, so for you who haven’t seen the movie, beware of SPOILERS (though if you’ve read the book you already know how it will end so it might not be that bad).

The North Tower #24: The Changeling Hypothesis (2): The Chamber of Secrets

Today, I thought I’d continue to comment the Changeling Hypothesis, which I started on last week. I’ve received loads of owls on the subject, and most point out the same things; so I thought I’d start with that the most common questions.

1) “JKR said in an interview that Harry isn’t related to Voldemort, so you saying that he’s in a way the heir of Slytherin can’t be true.”

The North Tower #23: The Changeling Hypothesis

There is this extremely interesting site called Red Hen Publications that I’ve been visiting quite a bit lately. Today, I thought I’d comment one of the theories there, called the “Changeling Hypothesis,” because 1) I find it fascinating and 2) it gives another perspective on the whole Harry-Voldemort issue which I wrote about in NT 19.

The North Tower #22: Die, Ron, Die!

Now, let’s go on with today’s article: Why Ron is probably gonna get the axe before it’s all over.

Let’s start with killing off one myth: the Ollivander’s anagram. Sure, it spells out “Ronald lives” if rearranged. It also spells out “Ronald’s evil” though, so I don’t think that’s any guarantee our little redhead is going to make it through…

The North Tower #21: Who Is You-Know-Who?

One of the most fascinating and enigmatic characters in HP is a man with many names. Voldemort, He-who-must-not-be-named, Tom Marvolo Riddle, the Dark Lord and You-know-who, to mention some. “Where did he come from? Who is he? Why is he evil? Will he die at the end?” are some of the questions that we readers ask ourselves. In this article, I’ll attempt an analysis of our favourite arch-villain.

The North Tower #20: Songs of the Sorting Hat

Okay, so today I want to take a closer look at what I think is the most poetic and one of the most interesting aspects of the books – the Sorting Hat’s songs. I feel that there are clues to be found here, especially regarding questions on the different houses, the characters in them and the future structure of JKR’s story as a whole.

So far, we have three songs available to us. I suggest you go here and read them over again before reading the following. All set? Okay, here we go.