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Welcome to the place where your creative fan art is featured. From photorealistic artwork to replica props, the Harry Potter series and the Fantastic Beasts movies have given us reason to celebrate the creative minds of its fans. Check out the “Best of the Best” toggle for our top featured artworks and the “Previously Featured Artwork” toggle for our posts written on fan-submitted artwork.

Guidelines for Submissions
To submit your fan art, send us an email at All files should be no larger than 10 MB and attached directly to the email. Please send images in JPEG format and videos in MP4 format. Include your name and/or a social media account so we can credit you properly.

Note: By submitting artwork to MuggleNet, you give us the right to publish your piece(s) on our website and/or social media accounts. You will be fully credited with your name and a link to your website or account, if applicable.

Thank you for sharing with us!

Best of the Best

Throughout the years of our fan-submitted Fan Art articles, we have received and featured some truly top-notch creations. Below, out of hundreds of submissions, are the most breathtaking, interactive, and imaginative pieces of artwork we have featured.




Previously Featured Artwork
  • Submitted Fan Art: Hermione and the Burrow Sketches - Artistic versatility is very desired in the art world. This featured fan can both watercolor and create realistic portraits. Click on "Read More" to take a look at these wonderful examples of fan art.
  • Fan Art of the Week: Golden trio dolls - Arts and crafts, not just for kids, is an art genre that does not get much praise in the modern world. From re-purposed objects to paper construction, arts and crafts is a very creative art style. This week’s featured fan art plays with this hands-on art genre.
  • Fan Art of the Week: Hogwarts in pen - The iconic Hogwarts Castle is a symbolic representation of togetherness and acts as a home for all. Check out this drawing inspired by the angular outlines of the castle.
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