CC #003: Week of November 3, 2002

CC #003: Week of November 3, 2002

Week of November 3, 2002

‘Do I have something stuck in my teeth?’
-Shawna, Shawn, Snidge, Anita, Lauren, Maria and RonWeasley

‘…To get to the other side! Haha! Get it?’
-Gareth and Kate

‘What do you mean ‘How can you have brightly-lit windows in an office in the dungeons?’? How DARE you impugn the credibility of this film!’

‘Grr, Baby! Very grr!

‘Filch and I are just friends! What you think you saw is irrelevant.’

‘Do you think I need braces?’

‘My breath smells that bad?’
-Barbara and Kelly

‘Weasley, I challenge you to a staring contest!’
-Snidge and Tundopoy

‘Feel the wrath of my poor dental hygiene and onion breath! That will teach you to break the rules!’

Harry: ‘M-m-m-mm-mm-mmmm-mmmmmm-mmmmmmmmo-mole…’

‘Who took the cookies from the cookie jar?’

‘You ssstole my precioussssss!’

‘Potter, what were you thinking? That outfit is so 1990s!

‘For the last time, stop putting turkey sandwiches in my ear!’

‘Nobody leaves this room until somebody tells me where my teddy is!’

Snape: Filch!
Flich: Yes, Professor Snape?
Snape: How long can we hang these to by their feet before they lose consciousness?
Filch: About 4 hours or so.’
Snape: Good, then it’s a plan. Go get the chains, Filch.

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