CC #276: Week of August 3, 2008

Week of August 3, 2008

As Draco went to the closet to check for monsters, he had no idea of the scary sight he would find…
Draco: ‘Mom? Voldemort?!’

Malfoy: Give me one good reason I shouldn’t kill you right here?!
Harry: We’re in the middle of class.
Malfoy: That’s… a good reason.

Malfoy: Why are you laughing? I’m about to kill you.
Dumbledore: Oh yes, I know. But I could never take any death threat seriously when it’s carried out by a twig. All I can think of is the person saying ‘Watch it! I’ll POKE you!’ It’s just so very comical, you see…

Malfoy: ‘I wonder where I’ll live when I grow up. *Spins globe* Pacific Ocean? Bah! *Spins again*’

‘I swear to drunk I’m not Merlin.’
-Tara Seanan

Malfoy: *Thinking* Wow, I better get my wand on the Jenny Craig diet again…

Earth kebab.

Tom Felton: ‘Right, I quit. Unless they find someone who makes decent action figures, I’m out of here.’

Harry: Lose some weight there, Malfoy?
Draco: Shut up, Potter! I’ve been… stressed.
Harry: Oh… sorry.
-Jam jar

Draco: *To Myrtle* ‘…and the worst part is, I didn’t even get mentioned in the teaser trailer!’

Malfoy: This is it, the Elder Wand! With it, I can defeat the Dark –
Voldemort: -Hmm?
Malfoy: …Dark things in my closet!
-Mike V.

Malfoy: FINALLY! England shall forever be known as ‘Malfoyria’!
Voldemort: Ahem.
Malfoy: Fine… *Half-heartedly* and the rest of the world is ‘Voldemania.’

Voldemort: ‘Draco, life throws you curve balls every once in a while. Fortunately, life throws like a little girl, so the curve balls usually just bounce off the wall. Show no fear.’
-O Bother

Draco: Updatius Captioncontestius!

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