CC #369: Week of December 8, 2013

Week of December 8, 2013

Voldemort: We’re back in Deathly Hallows, Part 1? Tell me why! Grindelwald: *Laughs knowingly* -Sam And so, Gellert relinquished his dentures to be sold on the black market. -Elsje Voldemort: Knock, knock. Grindelwald: Who’s there? Voldemort: You know. Grindelwald: You-Know-Who? Voldemort: Exactly. -Maddy E. and Amanda Voldemort: …when she sits around the house, she really sits around the house. Grindelwald: Ha ha! My turn. Yo mamma… -Josh Voldemort: And then, the Granger girl started hitting on me! Grindelwald: Wow! It was totally worth giving them Bellatrix’s hair… -The Doctor’s Daughter Grindelwald: I’m gay. Voldemort: Me, too! -Maddy E. Grindelwald: ‘There will be no foolish wand-waving or silly incantations in this cell…’ -Elsje ‘No, Riddle, I won’t tell you what the fox says!’ -John Grindelwald: Hello, Lady Voldemort. Voldemort: LORD! LORD Voldemort! I am a male! Grindelwald: Sorry, you confused me by wearing a dress. Voldemort: This isn’t a dress, it’s a robe! A robe, you idiot! An EVIL robe! Grindelwald: Call it what you want. It’s none of my business if you want to wear womens’ clothes. -Sam And so, Voldemort and Grindelwald dueled for the last Fandom Calendar… -The Doctor’s Daughter Grindelwald: Voldemort! How have you been, ol’ pal? Voldemort: Absolutely fantastic! My body is back and I’m stronger than ever. Grindelwald: Excellent. So, what brings you to my fortress of solitude? Voldemort: Thirty years ago, you got my nose. Grindelwald: Yeah… That was fun. Voldemort: I want it back. Grindelwald chuckles. Voldemort follows suit. Soon, both men are laughing uproariously. Voldemort suddenly stops. Voldemort: *Still smiling* Seriously. Give it back. I WILL use this. -Troi Voldemort: Hi. I’m your new cellmate. Grindelwald: Hi. Let me give you the tour. *Stands up and walks the 2 steps to each side of the cell* This is it. Over there is window. On Thursdays it is arts and crafts. Tuesdays are visitor days. Wednesday is the church choir practice. We hope to make it to the regional finals. Fridays are laundry days. Trust me. You will want to wash. Sundays we go outside and look at clouds. Mondays we get to watch a movie. This week it’s Mary Poppins. And on Saturdays, we get the Imperius Curse. I know you and I are going to be best friends. -Anonymous Voldemort: ‘Nope, you don’t have any hair either. What is it about being Dark Lord which causes people to lose all their hair?’ -Sam Grindelwald: ‘No! I will never give away the secret as to why Albus STILL has so much hair!’ -Elsje Voldemort: Tell me, Grindelwald, where is the wand? Grindelwald: Tell me, Voldemort, why don’t you have a nose? Voldemort: The wand, Grindelwald. Tell me where it is! Grindelwald: Not until you tell me why you don’t have a nose. Voldemort: Why must you know why I don’t have a nose? Grindelwald: I don’t know. I guess I’m just nosy. -The Impossible Girl Warner Bros. executives (pictured) laugh over their plan to build a Harry Potter theme park in every country except Britain. -Sam

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