J.K. Rowling announces 2016 worldwide signing tour!

In what just may be the best news of the year (or of our lives!), J.K. Rowling has announced that in 2016 she will launch a worldwide signing tour! Signing tours differ from regular book tours because the touring author isn’t necessarily just promoting their most recent book release – they’re also taking time to visit with fans and sign books – lots and lots of them. Jo’s tour stands out because, in addition to making all of our dreams come true, she’ll also be raising money for various charitable causes. Although exact prices have yet to be released, it is being reported that access to Jo’s signing lines will be granted in exchange for donations to charities local to the communities where she’ll be holding her events.

As signed editions of Rowling’s works frequently sell for thousands of dollars, the tour is a clever move on Rowling’s part to both raise tons of money for charity and make signed copies of Harry Potter accessible to her legions of loyal fans. This is certainly not an unprecedented step – other authors, such as Neil Gaiman, frequently embark on tours such as this as a way to interact with their fans and ensure that book dealers can’t charge fans a small fortune just for their signature.

We’re eagerly awaiting more information about the tour but expect that she will be visiting major cities in the US and abroad. We’re willing to bet that it doesn’t matter much where she stops – Potterheads will travel as far as they have to for the chance to meet her. In 2016 we’ll see the release of the first Fantastic Beasts film, likely a new installment of the Cormoran Strike series, the premiere of the Potter play, and now – J.K. Rowling herself. One thing’s for sure – it’s going to be a magical year.

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  • Aspy_Dan

    Kinda ruined your April Fools by posting the wrong article first, haha!

    • Guest

      Worst april fool ever

  • RavenclaWeasley

    Why MuggleNet? Every year I fall for the April Fools joke (at least the first one). But in this case, although funny, it was cruel, Umbridge-kind of cruelty. Congratulations to the person who had this specific idea.

  • verity

    I completely fell for that!! Is it April already? I am so disappointed now. How exciting would that have been.

  • Marisa Matey

    I’ve just realized that is April’s fools day… You played with my feelings 🙁

  • Amanda Delp

    This just depressed me 🙁

  • Mary

    I check MuggleNet everyday and when I woke up today I said to myself “ok remember its April Fool’s so everything is a lie.” However, later in the day when I actually logged on I forgot and was met with this amazing news. I was already mentally planning a trip and then half way through reading I realized. WELL done MuggleNet!! You would make Fred and George proud. Happy Birthday to them as well!

  • Mugglenet User

    I was so exited when I read this, but was crushed when it turned out to be fake 🙁 Not funny at all 🙁

    • Name

      Yeah really not funny

  • Victoria

    When I read this last week, I was so happy, but now I know the truth. Please take this off the website. Every time you google JK Rowling, this pops up. There are maybe millions of people that are still deceived. Please, for the good of everyone, take the page off MuggleNet or post a disclaimer on the top of the page.I think all MuggleNet users would love this . Don’t crush them like you crushed my friends and me.

  • madeline

    I cant believe that this is fake I know that I am a little late to reading this but still I am CRUSHED. The Harry Potter books where my heroes and I was so excited to hear this, then I read the comments and cried. So dissappointed that this is not happening.

    • poop


  • Hotdog

    I hate you guys. I was so happy and searching for like hours for signing dates and airplane tickets and going all out. Bit then Il looked at the comments and the date it was posted and half cried.

  • Hotdog

    Hate you hate you hate you??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Daniel

    Is this supposed to be funny? I realised it just now because I was gonna start organising my trip to Bologna. Such cruelty

  • Sofia

    This was just cruel. I cried of excitement. And now it’s all a lie.

  • rory

    that is the meanest thing anyone has ever done to me!!!!

  • BubblyBookNerd

    I’m sorry, but this isn’t funny. I was crying. Who ever wrote this should be ashamed of themselves- this is not something to joke about.

  • Claire

    How could you do this I was literally crying take it down. ?