Jane Perry Joins the Cast of “Fantastic Beasts”

While we’re all still pondering yesterday’s rumor that Sinéad Matthews has joined the cast of Fantastic Beasts, we’ve got our next official cast announcement!

Jane Perry, best known for her work in World War Z and The Three Musketeers, will play an as-yet-unknown role in the film, as announced on Twitter today by Olivia Bell Management. What’s more – she’s already at work on the film!

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more about this developing story!

  • C L

    Great, another white cast member. That’s 11 for 11. I hope at least one person of color gets cast in a meaningful role soon. Otherwise, people are going to start complaining about the lack of diversity in the cast. I know there were few minorities in New York City during the 1920s compared to today, but I feel like people would still hold it against the filmmakers if they completely shut the minorities out of the movie. It may not seem fair to criticize the casting because around 97% of the population in NYC during the 1920s was white, but race is such a toxic topic. One must always err on the side of caution when dealing with it. I really hope that Rowling, Yates, and Weir realize that they are on the verge of creating a major controversy, and I hope they take the necessary steps to correct the situation before the social activists and film critics blow this movie out of the water.

    • disagree

      No. I disagree. First off, this is fantasy. Should Rowling wish it, she could have a multi coloured transgender in the film. I fail to see why current day issues should affect fantasy. So what if she’s white? That’s because evidently the role she has to fill, is that of a white person. Social activists can say what they will, but it does not take away from the fact that this was set in a time period when, as you said, the majority of people were not coloured. Why bring race into this in the first place? There are many other films in which you could raise this as an issue. Ones that aren’t fantasy and could accommodate more people of ethnic minorities. So please do refrain from mentioning it again about Fantastic beasts.

      • Lisa

        So it’s a fantasy, but at the same time it has to stay true to reality so because there weren’t that many people of color in NY at the time they cannot be included? Even though it’s a fantasy as you point out? Fantasy cannot accomodate people of ethnic minorities? Um, okay.

  • Phil Boswell

    You’ll need to check this one again: the Tweet has disappeared 🙁