CONTEST: MuggleNet’s 2015 Advent Calendar Giveaway Event is NOW Open to All – Play to Win!

We’re back again with our favorite contest of the year – the MuggleNet fifth annual Advent calendar giveaway event is now open to all fans around the world.

This fun interactive contest is our way to give back to our loyal fans for following us on a regular basis over the past year. It also allows our new fans an opportunity to learn what MuggleNet has to offer with our comprehensive website on everything Harry Potter.

This year, we have acquired more incredible relationships with individuals and companies integrated directly into the Harry Potter fandom, and that relationship has allowed us to provide our fans with this incredible opportunity to win some amazing prizes. We are providing 25 prize packages that are available for 25 lucky fans from around the world to win.


Gifts this year have been graciously donated by the following companies and individuals: Alivan’s Master Wandmakers, Chris Rankin (Percy Weasley), the Wand Company, Veronica Roth, Madam AmbrosiaHogsmeade Station Gift Shop, Wrebbit, Aquarius, Jon Campling (long-haired Death Eater), Studio Press Coloring BookUGLY Christmas Sweater Company, FUNKO, Scholastic, Geeky Hostess, Harper Collins, I Am Elemental Courage, Gary Tomkins (art rirector of the Harry Potter films), and Noble Collection.

What are you waiting for? Head over to the 2015 Advent calendar giveaway page right now, and enter to win! Remember to play EVERY DAY through Christmas, and tell your friends to play as well!


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Here is how you play for a chance to win (follow the directions carefully):

  • Open up the 2015 Advent Calendar Giveaway Event Page RIGHT HERE
  • Find the day’s “open door” within the image on the page
  • Hover over the “open door” to reveal a hidden written clue
  • Using these two clues together, search the MuggleNet pages and associated sites for the day’s featured webpage. You will know this by seeing the “CONGRATULATIONS” message and a small ‘Trio in Diagon Alley’ image.
  • Once you found the day’s featured web page, follow the instructions to answer the daily trivia question and submit your answer.
  • The daily trivia answer must be correct for the entry to be eligible to win.
  • All winners will be notified the next day via email.
  • Come back each day and do it all over again. You can also see the winners and trivia question answers below




*The beautiful painting of the “Trio in Diagon Alley” was provided to MuggleNet by artist Jared Cullum of

  • fierypixie

    I may need help! I found the page and clicked the “RIGHT HERE” link and NOTHING happened! It DID have a hover text in the left hand bottom of my computer screen with an email, but I’m concerned that I may have done something incorrectly by not using the actual link! I tried to click the “right here” hotlink in both IE and Chrome. Please look into this! I’ve been playing for a few years now (never won yet) and I’d hate to miss out due to a broken link!

  • Lisa

    I do not want to use Outlook. Is there any other way I can contact you? “Contact Us” is not working, too…

  • tuulile

    I do not have Outlook and I really can not get it also but I really really want to play. Is there any other way like previous years?

  • Maura

    To everyone mentioning about Outlook, I had the same problem – what you do is send the email to “” with the subject as “DAY-1” and in the email start it with “TRIVIA ANSWER” and then your answer!
    Hope that helps 🙂

    • fierypixie

      Doe they want location or any other information? I remember in years past writing something similar

      • Maura

        I’m afraid I honestly don’t know – that’s all it says when I click on it anyway, so that’s all I sent!

  • Futur3Fo3

    I forgot all about this…love it!!!

  • For those of you who are not able to email your submission in by using the link, please send your trivia answer to with the subject “Day #” (whatever the day is) and in the body of the email provide us your full name, country of origin, and the correct trivia answer.

    If you have any questions, email me directly at

    Good Luck!

    • fierypixie

      Thanks! I hope you will take the issue into consideration when choosing days 1 and 2.

  • What sites fall under “associated sites?” I’ve had trouble finding the question a few times because I don’t know where to look outside of Mugglenet!

    • Kat

      Check out the “MuggleNet Family” tab on the top menu. So far, all of the clues have lead to MuggleNet main pages.

      • fierypixie

        Hi, so for today’s clue I went to MNI’s Library because I think that would be a good place to start, however, I’m getting an error that it is either gone or off limits. Is this a known issue?

        • Kat

          You may want to check out our blog… 😉

          • fierypixie

            Thank you!

  • Shawn

    So when are you going to post who won day 24 and 25 for the 2015 contest?