The Teaser Trailer for “Fantastic Beasts” Is Here!

We learned last week that new footage from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them would be revealed at the MTV Movie Awards – and our patience has been rewarded! Just minutes ago, a teaser trailer aired. Luckily for those of us without television, the trailer was simultaneously released online. Check it out!

In the trailer, we finally get confirmation of the Dumbledore mention that has been teased in coverage of the film for months – when Newt Scamander was kicked out of Hogwarts for endangering the lives of other students because of his fondness for magical creatures, Dumbledore argued against his expulsion. We also see our first exciting glimpse of Newt arriving in New York and even a brief glimpse of a fantastic beast or two!

What do you think?!

  • Charwey

    Wow, it looks brilliant! I suspect that Shaw is a muggle hater, and is shown in the trailer because he has draconian policies on muggles, and he plans on installing them into the American wizarding community if elected as president. We already know that Americans are much more hateful and skeptical of muggles (from the Pottermore articles) than the Brits, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of American wizards support Shaw. Newt and his friends probably disagree with him severely.

    • Or an MACUSA candidate. Y’know, a muggle hater.

    • Anon

      I’m betting Shaw is one of the Scourers.

      • Charwey

        Most likely

  • DontHaveAGoodUserName

    Did I hear the name….Albus Dumbledore?! Wow! Amazing trailer, can’t wait for MuggleCast to talk about it : )

    • Because the new Fantastic Beasts trailer has been released!

  • Bob

    Love love love! Love this to death. Just want to put out there that I have very high expectations. I know Jo’s story won’t disappoint. I was already quite intrigued by the new kind of tension in Wizarding America as revealed in Magic in North America. And now this! I cried when I watched the trailer.

    Now we have quite a few new pieces of info. from the trailer. Newt was expelled from Hogwarts? But unlike Hagrid, Newt still has a wand. Maybe he just bought a new one.
    That opening line coupled with Collin Farrel’s closing line suggest that Newt is quite an interesting character. He knows things and can do things that boggle even an Auror like Graves. And its all due to his knowledge of magical creatures. Why do I get the feeling that the book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was just a teaser, a glimpse into the world of magical creatures? Who knows what possibilities arise from the secrets of the smallest magical creatures?

    And lastly, is Newt Scamander an Animagus? Does his animagus form help him be more friendly (like buddies) with his pets?

    • Charwey

      Maybe he is allowed to hold a wand in the US but not in England, seeing as they are different countries with different laws.

      I like the idea of him being an animagus, it would surely help him gather info as a magizoologist. I think he’d be a fox, as he seems mischievous, tricky, and clever.

    • ThatUnderTheBenchWasANiffler

      No, I think Newt wasn’t expelled because Dumbledore worked against the expulsion

    • Anon

      Newt’s expulsion didn’t last. We know he was reinstated because it says in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them that he graduated Hogwarts. Dumbledore’s arguments obviously won with the head teacher and the MoM. It happened with Harry in OotP.

    • Iain Walker

      Hagrid was expelled for (it was suspected) causing the death of a student – having his wand snapped might simply reflect the severity of the infraction (plus, one suspects, a certain amount of anti-“half-breed” prejudice). We have no conclusive evidence from the books that losing one’s wand is an automatic consequence of expulsion. True, Harry is required to “surrender” his wand when Umbridge tries to get him expelled at the beginning of OotP, but it’s not clear if this is meant to be a temporary or a permanent measure – and given the context, one might plausibly doubt that the demand was even legal.

      So the evidence from the books is ambiguous – being expelled might go hand-in-hand with losing one’s wand, or it might not. Also bear in mind that Newt’s expulsion (or attempted explusion) would have taken place in the second decade of the 20th century – the rules may simply have been different then.

      And if being expelled from Hogwarts does mean automatically losing one’s wand, it seems rather odd, given that private education is magic is perfectly legal in Wizarding Britain, and we have no reason to suppose that one couldn’t apply to other magical schools. If an expelled pupil can legally continue their education elsewhere, then taking their wand makes little sense. On the other hand, if merely being expelled from Hogwarts disqualifies one from pursuing magic again ever, then this seems absurdly draconian, even by the somewhat regressive standards of the wizarding world. Consequently, I’m inclinded to think that Hagrid’s explusion was probably a special case.

    • Bob

      After watching this trailer for twenty times I FOUND SOMETHING!!!

      First, when the checking inspector at the dock asked Newt about something edible and livestock, Newt hesitated each time. Well, plants are ‘edible’ and magical creatures could be called ‘livestock’. In one of the opening shots we see Newt working in some kind of closed space squeezing out what looks like some herb (a potion ingredient?). If you look closely there is a thin staircase in one corner of the room and Jacob (the Muggle) is also sitting in a corner. And I think there are some odd looking cages in there as well. Do you think we actually got a first look of the inside of Newt’s case without even realizing it? You bet!

      Secondly, in the ‘Muggle Worthy’ version of Newt’s case we saw a magnifying glass and what looks like a large watch. Do you really think Newt Scamander would use a simple magnifying glass? And what the hell is that watch? There are some wierd watches hanging in the MACUSA as well.

      On a side note, I personally think that any wizard or witch could still pursue magic after being expelled from Hogwarts. Hagrid might just be a special case.

      • Bob

        Incidentally, the inside of Newt’s case looks too small for a dragon (but not dragon eggs).

  • When the Hedwig’s Theme remix came on…