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This page will allow you to submit content, feedback, complaints, etc., to MuggleNet and its staff. Please note that we’ve recently made changes to the feedback form and all site-related contributions must be sent in via the “Site Feedback” option.

Before writing, please review the frequently asked questions listed below:

Can I contact the movie cast members (Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, etc.)?
We have no contact information for the cast members other than that on their individual cast pages. Please do not ask us for email addresses or phone numbers; they have not and will not be released by the cast members.

Can I contact J.K. Rowling?
Our only contact information for J.K. Rowling is on our J.K. Rowling page. We do not have her phone number or email address.

Can I be in the movie (as an extra or cast member)?
Filming is now complete for the Harry Potter series and casting information for the Fantastic Beasts series has yet to be announced.

How do I contact a MuggleNet staff member?
Please visit the About Us page, find the staff member you are looking for, and email them directly.

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