CC #005: Week of November 17, 2002

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Lucius: This is my natural hair color, I assure you.
Harry: Yeah, sure
Albus: That will do, Harry, we all know he bleaches his hair. Now, about this diary

Lucius: For your information, Potter, that ribbon in my hair was very fashionable. Right, Albus?
Albus: Yes, Lucius. Er.. I wear one all the time…

‘See, Harry? That’s how you blow smoke in the figure of a speech bubble…’
-Lizzie and Sarah

Lucius: Let us hope that Mr. Potter will.. Is that a Martha Stewart cookbook?
Albus: Yes, but… that’s… not your line…

‘Boy, it’s against the law to use a sword under the age of fifteen. Sorry, I’ll have to charge you…

‘Understand this, Potter: I am not trying to look, or even sound like Dumbledore in hopes of gaining power. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a three-foot long beard and a soft voice to come by…’

‘I don’t care how much deodorant you put on today, but rolling around in chambers with Slytherin’s heir really scented you with rotten eggs!

‘HA! Little do these two know that I play both Lucius AND Narcissa in the fourth movie! Wait, did I just say that out loud…?’

‘What do you mean you couldn’t get me in with Gilderoy Lockhart? Doesn’t he know how big of a fan I am?!’

‘My sword is bigger than yours…’

‘One phrase, Potter: Lather, Rinse, Repeat.’

‘Do not glare at me as you do my son, Boy. I am much older, suaver, and sexier than Draco, and deserve much more than a glare!

‘You don’t have enough hair for this scene, Potter, get out.’

Lucius: Let us hope.. Excuse me, what’s that stench?
Albus: heh.. sorry there!
-Ginni & Mike

‘Little do you know, boy, that Dobby is mooning you this very instant.’
-Eric [Staff]

‘Harry, I am your father.’
-Emerson [Staff]





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