Fan Focus: Nicole – November 18, 2002

Age 16, California, USA


Hello! My name is Nicole and I’m a 16-year-old honor student from southern California. I’m the center spread editor of our fantastic high school newspaper, “The Smoke Signal”. Last year I wrote an article about Harry Potter, around the time the movie came out, and I actually inspired a few people to read the series. I’m hands down, the biggest if not the only Harry Potter fan at my school. However, I share my love for Harry Potter with present and past teachers, Mr. Sumner and Mr. Haig. I wear Harry Potter t-shirts and sweater, carry Harry Potter accessories, and even wear lightning bolt jewelry quite frequently. My room is a shrine to HP framed posters, memorabilia, and my own personal drawings.

How and when did you get in to Harry Potter?

When I first saw the books, I thought they looked interesting and decided to buy them (at the time it was the first three). It wasn’t until an eight grade book report, that I actually read the first book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I was amazed at the fantasy world J.K. Rowling had envisioned and had beautifully illustrated through a spectacular novel. For the assignment, I created a game board, in which there would be teams from the different houses who would make their way around the board, earning and losing points along their way, until they got to the end-of-the-year ceremony, as it is portrayed in the novel. The teacher loved my creative presentation so so much that she put it on display in the school library. I guess it was an omen for the obsessive fanatic I would soon become.

Which Harry Potter book is your favorite? 

Although I love each and every one, my favorite would have to be the third novel, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Like most people, Lupin and Black are two of my favorite characters, and I loved their roles and performances in the book. I also loved the introduction and descriptions of Hogsmeade and the Marauders’ Map and the many uses of the one of my favorite items, the Invisibility Cloak.

What character can you relate to most? 

Although not my favorite, I can probably relate to Hermione the most. I myself am not a girly girl nor am I very athletic. I’m kind of simple and inclined to school. I’m not at the top of my class or anything, but I’m smart and well… Geeky. I used to have frizzy brown hair and three years ago my two best friends were guys. I suppose, being the eldest, I am mature, responsible, and can become bossy at times. I’m clever and I love logic and puzzles. One of my favorite moments in the first novel was the potion puzzle that Hermione solved towards the end of the book. I can also relate to Dumbledore, because I’m a kind and forgiving person, which is what I most admire about Dumbledore.

What do you think of the inevitable boy/girl stuff coming in Book 5? 

I think it’s kind of cute. I mean, Harry and his friends are coming to that age that they start falling in love, and it’s only expected that they would have crushes. I especially like how Hermione and Ron really like each other, but do everything not to show it. I just hope the future books don’t end up being romance novels, but instead stay true to that mystery/adventure quality they have had in the past. A little love is ok as long it doesn’t overpower the book.

Who do you think Harry will “hook up” with in Book 5? What about Ron? 

Well, I’m not quite sure about Harry. I mean, Rowling might introduce a new character that Harry may fall in love with. However, I really think the possibility of Harry and Ginny is a cute one. As for Ron, I think he and Hermione will start revealing some of their feelings toward each other, we can only hope. I did concoct an interesting theory. Hermione may be in love with Harry and Ron in love with Hermione. If this is true, it make cause some damage in Harry and Ron’s friendship. I hope it doesn’t turn out that way, but it’s always a possibility.

What character do you think will die in Book 5? 

Ahh, I’m really trying to avoid the whole “death” issue. I really don’t want anyone to die! If I had to pick someone, it would be Dumbledore. That’s pretty sad if he is the one to die, especially since the actor himself died a little while back. It would be tragic, but I think it may be some sort of revenge for Voldemort, or even a way to scare the magic world. If that’s the case, it indeed will scare the magic world, and we’d all cry for the loss of such a loyal and forgiving character. Oh… I think I’m shedding a tear…

Which school house would you want to be in? Do you think the Sorting Hat would place you in that house? 

Well, If I was a character in the book, I’d most definitely want to be in Gryffindor. I would love to go to the Quidditch games and cheer for such an amazing team! I’d love to be in the common room and see Harry Potter, Ron, and Hermione, as they plot for their next adventure. Wow… That would be the experience of a lifetime… But then reality hits me and I have to write my English essay.

Do you have any interesting HP stories to share?

During the summer before the movie came out in theaters, I read the first book to my brother and my little cousin. They both loved it and spread their excitement. Pretty soon my other cousins wanted me to read them the books or wanted to borrow them. I was really happy that I made them fans, some were even skeptical at first, but were surprised afterwards. On the day of the premiere, I took the day off and waited for four hours in line with my cousins. I even got to sit next to my favorite teachers, Harry Potter fans themselves. After the movie, we talked about it and shared our pleasant impressions.

Do you have anything else you’d like to add? Maybe a theory you’ve concocted, a shout-out? 

I’ve dealt with a lot of Harry Potter cynics at my school, one being my own friend, Sharon. I understand that they could express their opinions, but what bothers me is that they have negative opinions to share, even though they’ve never read the book. If they’ve never read it, I can only tell them two things: to either keep their mouths closed, or to read the book and then express their opinion. I think the only reason I’m the biggest fan at my school, is because I’ve actually been interested to read it. I don’t know what life would be like without Harry Potter, it is after all, as important as oxygen. =)