Fan Focus: Amy – January 19, 2003

Age 16, Britain


My room is just a total HP haven full of all my stuff. It’s COVERED in posters, and I always sleep with the curtains down around my four-poster bed. I wish so much that I could go to England. I’d love to play Cho, Madam Rosmerta, or Parvati Patil, and am sending in a big package to the casting directors for the third movie.

At school, people call me ‘Harry’, ‘Potter’, and ‘Pothead’ (I don’t like being called Pothead though). My friends now refer to me as ‘Amy Potter’ when sending me letters in the post. I always dress up when going to the movies and I always celebrate Harry’s birthday with a party. I have read each book six times, and I love playing the piano sheet music from the first soundtrack. I have named pets after HP characters, have started a big HP magazine, and I run a Daniel Radcliffe web site. I own a real-life Quidditch team and have re-designed the whole game so it is playable on the ground (the only things not in the game are a snitch and golden goalposts). I even made my own Quidditch pitch!

How and when did you get into Harry Potter?

I first discovered the books in the year 2000 when I was 13. I picked Books 2 and 3 up from the library, interested in what the growing hype about this ‘Harry Potter’ character was all about. Instantly I became infatuated, and over the course of the next few months, as I found Book 1, and Book 4 came out, I gradually became more obsessed. I re-read the books, started collecting anything Harry I could find (or afford), and told lots of people about the books. I got my family to read them, and I was probably the first to get my friends and teachers at school interested. At the news of the first HP movie being made, I was VERY happy, and fell in love with Daniel Radcliffe as soon as I saw the photos of him.

Which Harry Potter book is your favorite?

My favorite book is Goblet of Fire. As a slightly older fan (16) I find the more complicated storylines better, as well as the fact that the books are getting more serious and the characters are growing up. I also like the fact that the book is longer, and that there are many new characters and new places Harry visits. And I especially like the romantic bits…

What character can you relate to most?

I think I am a cross between Hermione and Ginny, because I am a lot like Hermione, but a bit crazier, and I am in love with Harry like Ginny! I am quite (my parents say “very”) academic, bossy, and I follow rules quite rigidly. I like learning, and am pretty weird sometimes. I don’t hang around with all guys, because I have a lot of girl friends, and I have thick bushy brown hair which is very unmanageable, and “rather large front teeth.” I tell my friends off a lot when they misbehave, or swear, or other things like that.

What do you think of the inevitable boy/girl stuff coming in Book 5?

I just can’t wait! I just love those bits, and I hope there’s a lot more boy/girl stuff. Some people say it’s mushy and stuff, but I think it’s very sweet, and very realistic.

Who do you think Harry will “hook up” with in Book 5? What about Ron?

One of the things I would not be surprised to see in Book 5, and would be happy about, is Ron and Hermione getting together. That has almost been confirmed by J.K. Rowling. If you study Books 3 and 4 a bit more, you’ll see Ron and Hermione basically fight and argue like a married couple, and though it isn’t evident at first, you can actually see how jealous Ron gets as soon as Hermione seems to show any affection for another guy (maybe Ron is a bit possessive). I think Hermione likes Ron too, but she isn’t telling anyone, and it won’t work out for her and Viktor. With Harry, he and Cho may get together for a little while, or Harry may just go off her and see Ginny in a new light. It doesn’t look like Ginny has stopped loving Harry, even though she keeps very quiet about it. There are two comments from J.K. Rowling that I think confirm that Harry and Ginny will get together: 1) Harry starts noticing girls a lot more, and 2) Ginny plays a larger role in Book 5. Put them together, along with a few other hints J.K. gives sometimes, and you can see those two are a match made in heaven. As far as Harry/Hermione, I don’t think that will happen.

What character do you think will die in Book 5?

I hate to think of any main character dying! I really have no clue who will die, and this is the one thing I haven’t made any decisions on, though I’ve thought about it heaps. Some say Dumbledore, Hagrid, or Ginny. But I don’t think J.K. would get rid of the first two so quickly, there would be a LOT of complaints! And as for Ginny, she’s already almost died once, twice would be too much.

Which school house would you want to be in? Do you think the Sorting Hat would place you in that house?

I would love to be in Gryffindor, like most people. My dad always jokes that I belong in Slytherin, and I know I’d be quite good in Ravenclaw, but definitely not Hufflepuff. But I am very loyal to my friends, and I have a kind of brave streak that I don’t let many see. So I’d say the Sorting Hat would put me in Gryffindor, and Ravenclaw as a second.

Do you have any interesting HP stories to share?

I don’t have any really memorable stories, but I will put my collection down here. I have been collecting since the year 2000 and have over $700 worth of stuff!

I own each book in soft cover, plus the hardcover Goblet of Fire, and special editions of Philosopher’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets. I also own Quidditch Through the Ages and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and 3 “companion” books not written by Rowling. I have Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone on DVD and video, the Philosopher’s Stone soundtrack on CD and cassette, and the Philosopher’s Stone computer game.

On top of that, I also own over 150 miscellaneous items, such as games, magazines, stationery sets, clothing, etc., including some that are homemade! I have over 1500 computer files including pictures, documents, downloads, etc.

Do you have anything else you’d like to add? Maybe a theory you’ve concocted, a shout-out?

Harry Potter is my life, I love it with an extreme passion, and I don’t want to make anyone jealous or anything by writing all this! It’s just all true and it’s every reason I’m obsessed! THANK YOU!