Fan Focus: Gausia – March 2, 2003

Age 19, Ohio, USA


How and when did you get in to Harry Potter?

I got into Harry Potter my Freshman year in high school (about 4 years ago). My mom was reading the book to my younger brother and it seemed interesting, so I casually picked the book up and started reading, and I just couldn’t stop! I stayed up all night and finished the book and the next day ran to the library to get the Chamber of Secrets! Since then I have read each book five times, plus I’ve heard the book on tape for all of them as well!

Which Harry Potter book is your favorite?

Prisoner of Azkaban definitely! After I finished reading it, I was in awe because the plot was so amazing. J.K. Rowling is just so amazing because she has every character planned so carefully that everything just comes together. My second favorite would have to be the Goblet of Fire, which I finished in one day, as well, even though I had a high fever. 🙂

What character can you relate to most?

Well, my friends and I have assigned each other characters and I am the “Harry Potter” of the group. So I guess it would be Harry, because I like adventure. But I can also relate to Hermione, because if I go ahead with a “plan,” sometimes I am hesitant about it. Also, like Hermione, I would probably do a lot of extra reading and know some extra useful spells. Plus I can say Wingardium Leviosa correctly. 🙂

What do you think of the inevitable boy/girl stuff coming in Book 5?

I’m extremely excited! I think it’s very cute. 🙂

Who do you think Harry will “hook up” with in Book 5? What about Ron?

In Book 5 I think Harry will still have hopes to hook up with Cho Chang, but then he will become interested in Ginny Weasley. I think their relationship will develop in the remaining books. Ron and Hermione are definitely going to “hook up!” Although it may take a little longer and Ron may be hesitant. I think they are so cute, and I liked the part at the end of the Chamber of Secrets movie, when they are hesitant about hugging. 😉

What character do you think will die in Book 5?

I’m not sure about this one, there are many possibilities. I’m afraid, though, and I think it might be Sirius! He might try to protect Harry or something and die in the process. The other people I have in mind are Dumbledore and Hagrid… No matter who dies I know I am going to be bawling.

Which school house would you want to be in? Do you think the Sorting Hat would place you in that house?

I would want to be in Gryffindor and I think the Sorting Hat would place me in Gryffindor. The reason for this is because when I was sorted on the Harry Potter site I got Gryffindor every time (ok, I know that it is an autosort type of setup, where almost everyone gets Gryffindor, but hey I can still dream 🙂 ). Also, when I play the Harry Potter trivia game I get Gryffindor all the time too (I swear I don’t cheat)! However, if I didn’t get into Gryffindor, probably Hufflepuff.

Do you have any interesting HP stories to share?

Well, in high school, EVERYONE knew about my obsession. Senior year for Valentine’s Day, we were given literary Valentines from books that we have read over the years. Well I ended up getting Harry Potter! Which was funny because we didn’t even read the books in school!

Another story is when I went to see Chamber of Secrets for the second time, I heard that there was an extra scene at the end of the movie so I had to stay to watch it. Well the credits where extremely long and my 6-year-old sister was with me and really had to go to the bathroom from a long time, but I told her to wait. We waited until the VERY end, until I was sure there wasn’t any more and RAN to the bathroom. Let’s just say that it was a close call and if we had waited any longer, it would have been a disaster!

Do you have anything else you’d like to add? Maybe a theory you’ve concocted, a shout-out?

Well, I really cannot wait for the fifth book to come out! Please J.K. Rowling do NOT take another four years to write the sixth book, I can’t handle the suspense. Also, if I lived in the UK I would seriously switch schools just to be in the movies!

I also have a theory about Book 5. Since “we go into a whole new area, physically; an area we’ve never seen before, a magical world” and “Harry has to examine exactly what death means, in even closer ways,” I think that Harry is going to go into death, or a place where all the non-ghost dead are.

I would like to give a shout out to my Harry Potter obsessive friends! Kathy, Ashley, Callie, Smilnak!, Mrs. Berros… And Sean Biggerstaff is awesome and so are Dan Radcliff[e], Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint! 🙂 HARRY POTTER ROCKS MY WORLD!