CC #019: Week of February 23, 2003

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Colin: Hiya, Harry! ……
Harry: …Hi..
Colin: No don’t say.. wait…
Harry: ?
Colin: ……..
Harry: ?!
Colin: The darned button’s stuck!!!

Colin: That’s it, Hermione, pose!
Hermione: Do I have to pose for PlayWiz?
Colin: Of course!
Hermione: Chris, are you sure this is in the script?
Chris: *Licks lips, throws pencil and leans forward* it is nooowww!

Colin: Can I have your picture, Harry?
Harry: umm..
Snape: 50 points from Gryffindor!
Colin: How come, Sir?
Snape: Wouldn’t you rather have a picture of my beautiful body?

Colin: Say Cheese, Harry!
Harry: What? Where are we?
Elrond: I summon you all here to the threat of Mor…What are you doing here?
Harry: *grabs a seat behind Frodo* This must be our new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher!

Colin: Wow, Harry! Hermione! Never seen you two at it before!
Harry: Colin! Hey, don’t snap a *click* …picture!

Colin: I hope that steam doesn’t fog up the lense….
Petunia: What are you doing in here?!? Get out!
*Harry comes in at the screaming*
Colin: Harry! Quick, take off your clothes so your aunt doesn’t think I wanted pics of her!
Harry: uh…?

Colin: That’s it, Hermione, take off your clothes…
Hermione: WHAT!?
Colin: I said ‘That’s it, Hermione, make a good pose‘…
Hermione: Oh… well that I can do..

Snape: Creevey! You said the camera wouldn’t add ten pounds to the camera!!!
Colin: It didn’t! You really do look like that…

‘Darn Muggle doctors! I told them I wanted my camera to stick with me, not to me! I can’t get it off!

Colin: What’s that noise coming from the girl’s bathroom? Better check it out.. Harry! Ron! What are you doing here?!?
Harry and Ron: We snuck in under the Invisibility Cloak.. but once you get under water, for example, the shower-head Hermione was using… it umm… becomes Uninvisible…
*Hermione still screaming in the background*

Ron: I love you..
Hermione: Oh, Ron, I love you too..
Both: COLIN!

Colin: Ok, so the three of you will moon me, I’ll take the picture, and we’ll send it to Snape for Christmas, ok?
Trio: Okay!
Colin: On 3. 1…..2….
Snape: Creevey!
Colin: *gasp*
Snape: Can I be in the picture?

Ron: Hi, Colin, what’s up?
Colin: *mouths words*
Ron: What was that?
Colin: *writes on parchment and hands it over*
Ron: ‘I..can’t..speak…….Eric..couldn’…‘ ….Oh…

Colin: Are you sure you want to do the honors, Malfoy?
Malfoy: Yep!
*Shower door creaks open, flash*
Snape: ererjeijfoei.. Malfoy?!?
Malfoy: *laughing*
Snape: I expected better from you! 100 points from Gryffindor!
Colin and Harry: HUH? WHAT!?
-Tristan H.

…Without realizing that the Invisibility Cloak that Fred and George Weasley gave him was a fake, Colin Creevey snuck into the Girl’s Locker Room and eagerly awaited Quidditch Practice to end…

‘Snape’s going to love this! Finally a picture of Harry that he can use for target practice!

‘YES! Now I really know what goes on in the Hufflepuff Common Room! And some of those things may not have been for a first year to see! *grins*
-Anne & Sydney

‘Hey, Harry, don’t you hope it’s me who JK kills off in Book Five? Don’t ya? Huh? huh? Don’t ya, Harry?

‘Hiya, Harry! ‘Ya think if I walk around like this I’ll be cast as the next Wilson on Home Improvement 2!? Wait.. Answer my question!

‘Hey! Snape and Madam Pomfrey are testing the hospital bed for squeaks! I’d better send this in quick!’

Colin: Got it! JK Rowling and Snape! In a thong! No less! With this I can stop Snape from taking points from Gryffindor, sell copies to the Rickman-iacs for an incredible profit, and best of all, get Book Six out in record time!
JK: And the title of Book Six will be Harry Potter and the Satisfyingly Horrible Death of Mr. Colin Creevey
Colin: On second thought…
-Sarah F

Colin: Smile, Hary!
Harry: Colin? What are you doing? Don’t you have enough pictures of me?
Colin: Didn’t I tell you? hired me as their new Caption Contest picture taker. After I saw the pictures they’d been using I had to submit my own! They hired me right away!
Harry: What on Earth is a MuggleNet?

Colin: Look! It’s Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird, and…! Daffy Duck!
Daffy: Finally ssomeone that wantss to take my piccture!
Colin: Can you sign this after it’s developed, Mr. Duck? I want to tell my grandkids that I met you live in person, it’ll make for a great bed-time story and put them right to sleep!

Colin: *grumbling to himself* Put a restraining order on me, eh, Harry?!? Just wait until I get these photos developed!

Colin: Wow, the teacher faculty room.. Oh no! It’s Snape with long blonde hair and makeup on!
Snape: Mr. Creevey, clearly you do not know how to knock. Go find Potter and tell him 80 points from Gryffindor. And if you tell anyone about.. er… this… I will transfigure you into a bra
Colin: *gasp*

Colin: Hey, check it out! Catherin-Zeta has dumped Micheal Douglas for another old stiff! And she’s about to marry him! Let’s get a closer look… Voldemort!
Voldemort: You see what I’ve become? I’ve been reduced to marrying a Welsh pre-madonna who couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag and has an acute lack of talent, just to stay alive in this world! Personally I’d rather have Quirrell back…
Catherine: Silence, Boyo, there is no good and evil there is only Catherine-Zeta!

‘I don’t understand why Dan is making so much money… I’ll just follow him to his dressing room.. Aha! He’s playing Frodo too!’

‘Hey, Harry, I’ve just transfigured my ear into a satellite dish! Want a picture taken with it?’

Colin: Smile, you’re on Candid Camera!
Harry: Colin, why don’t you get that infernal contraption out of my face?
Colin: Oh no! Harry potter did come back to Hogwarts!





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