CC #029: Week of May 4, 2003

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-Kersten and Hayley

Tom: ‘So this is what Dumbledore sends as his great defender: An old hat and a giant chicken?

Chris: ‘Hey, Dan, meet your replacement for Goblet of Fire!’

‘You’re not Fawkes?!?’

Riddle: *makes chicken noises* Poultrytongue won’t save you now, Potter, it only obeys ME!!!

Harry: Why is there a chicken here?
Riddle: I’ve been in a diary for fifty years, don’t you think I might get hungry?!?
Harry: Hmm… Can I have some?

This week’s menu:
Appetizer: Ginny Weasley
Main Course: Harry Potter (The Boy Who Lived)


Harry: Giant chicken? What happened to the basilisk?!?
Chicken: He had a gig in LA, something about ‘Anaconda 2’.. So if you could pretend I’m 100 feet long, have killer eyes, and a keen sense of smell, then that would really be wonderful. I really need this on my job list, I’m trying to become the lead actor in the new upcoming movie ‘Attack of the Giant Poultry’…

Harry: *In a low, scared voice* ‘Hagrid… you never told me about this one…’
-Mira and Leena

Harry: ‘Anyone up for some Green Chicken and Ham?’

‘Well, Fawkes was having a Burning Day and Dumbledore had to organize a last minute replacement….’

Ron Weasley in his rightful form…


‘Ok, I might have joked about you crossing a road, but this has gone too far…’

‘Um, what is that? It’s not supposed to be a chicken?!? I talk to snakes, not chickens! Someone fire the computer effects guy!!!’

‘Wow! A giant chicken! Now all I need is a moustache, and all my dreams will have come true!

‘Harry *BERKOK* Potter!!!!!!!’

Harry: So.. The chicken crossed the road… to terrorize a school filled with almost helpless children and to get me into the Chamber of Secrets?
Chicken: Yeah…

‘Duck, duck, duck…’

Chicken: *thinking* ‘Ahh, Wizard: the other white meat…’

J.K. Rowling’s new sequel: Harry Potter and the Attack of the Giant Green Chicken

‘Hey, Chris! Fred and George have been messing around with the props again!!!’

‘I don’t think I ever fully got over my addiction to Skele-Gro…’

‘You killed Ginny, you stupid big bird that doesn’t even show up until you stare at the picture for an hour…!!!’

Harry: ‘Ah, I eat birds like you for dinner!!!’

Harry: ‘Wow, I was right all along… I knew that all Slytherins were chickens!!!’

Ginny: *Gasp* Who is that?!?
Harry: That’s Fawkes… he’s no ordinary bird…
Ginny: I can see that! His eggs could feed my entire family!!!





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