Galadriel Waters Chat

Jamie: Hello to you all! Welcome to the online chat tonight with Galadriel Waters, author of […]Ultimate Unofficial Guide to the Mysteries of Harry Potter! Galadriel is prepared to answer all questions relating to her book, the first four books, the fifth book, or the final two books! We hope you enjoy this special chat event and hopefully learn something about a theory or idea that you have been formulating! Hello, Galadriel! Welcome to the chat! How are you today?

Galadriel: Fine, how are you all?

Jamie: We’re all excited to hear what you have to say about all the theories and ideas! Are you ready to start with the questions, Galadriel?

Galadriel: Hehe, yes, ready to start!

Jamie: Okay, let’s go!

Question from J-Rich: You talk a lot in your book about 12s, 13s, purple, socks and cabbage. According to the rule of no coincidences, what do you think all these mean? Or are you simply posing a question to your readers? I haven’t found anything about what it means, have you?

Galadriel: We are not sure about them for certain. However, we really feel that the socks have something to do with the knitting. Notice that there are so many people knitting in the books. We also know that socks mean freedom. We are sure that part of the 12s are to do with the twelve years. Remember, Scabbers was chained for twelve years. Also, JKR was not very specific about the horror of Voldemort coming back, but that was supposed to be the “Cedric death” and that will now start this darker timeframe. As JKR told us, we are “entering a new era” for Harry. This is highly likely to be that twelve. Purple is Emerson’s. You can ask him about that one!

Question from Usagi: How do you get some of the mysteries? Do you guess, or does JKR tell you?

Galadriel: We are just like all of you; we are fans. However, I am skilled in pattern recognition. That is my specialty. I never guess. I always use patter[n]s. That is why I came up with the four rules. It is all logic based.

Question from Siryn: Are there any juicy insights that you discovered AFTER publishing this book? If so, what are they?

Galadriel: Oh yeah… There have been several. If you have visited our HP Sleuth site, we have a few there. We also saw what you have – the new info [on] the covers and the release from Scholastic – so there is a lot more. We also have a little announcement. It is not a clue, but we have one BIG clue that we just barely touched on. We will be running a contest around that. It is sort of mentioned in the guide, but you will see that is is a BIGGIE! Also, many of you HP Sleuths are contributing great ideas that we have been posting to the site. We ev[en] have to tell everyone that we are not able to answer emails very fast. You are all so incredible with your excellent theories. We apologize, but bear with us… HP SLEUTHS ROCK!!!

Question from BastsCleopatra: Who do you think will be the romantic pairings in the fifth book?

Galadriel: I am of the opinion (after that little spat in Book 4) that Ron and Hermione will be together. However, I also see that Krum needs Hermione. He is a great guy, and she will not ditch him. I also see Cho being very fragile right now. She will probably need Harry. Otherwise, we will probably see some new romances, too!

Question from hinkypunk: Has the spoiler information for Book 5 (the Scholastic summary, the American cover) given you any ideas on what is to come?

Galadriel: Yes… the corridor and the dream of the door. I see that as being a destiny that Harry has to face. I also see that as a fear. We all have dreams about things we fear. So what does Harry fear most? It was the hat almost putting him into Slytherin, but then the [D]ementors came along. However, the Dementors are no longer an issue after Book 4 in the maze. He was hardly fazed by them. So what now? Again, his fear of being a Slyt[h]erin[.] He fears it so much that he hasn’t yet told his BEST FRIENDS about it. I am feeling that door leads to that destiny. Also, we have a contributor to the site who has written an article that we are about to post. He feels that the door leads to previous memories (like flashbacks to his parents’ death sort of thing). He thinks that the door will unlock those memories. We think both of those are high possibilities.

Question from Madam: Sinistra in Latin means “left-handed, wrong,” etc. How do you think this relates to the round room Harry is in on the cover of Order of the Phoenix and the fact that Harry is holding his wand in the left hand?

Galadriel: Okay, a few issues here. First, the left hand: If you look at the cover of Book 4, you will see that he is holding it in his left hand there too! Therefore, unless we switched Harry’s [sic] back after Book 3, we can’t determine much from that. I am still thinking it could be a mirror image of Harry that we are seeing, but as to Sinistra, she is very mysterious, hanging out in a very mysterious classroom. It seems that the tallest tower is holding a LOT of secrets. We are hoping that those will be answered in Book 5. They are driving us batty! Also, the room may not be round. We are leaning toward that, but it could be a fish-eye lens, making it only look round.

Question from Ignition: What’s the deal with Mrs. Figg? Could she be related to Harry? Or could she be his godmother? His protector?

Galadriel: She is clearly his protector. When Dumbledore said to get together the “old crowd” at the end of Book 4, that implies those are people he trusted most when Voldemort was in power last time. We are fairly certain that Mrs. Figg is Arabella Figg or somehow tied to her, so if she has been watching over Harry, she (and her cats, maybe some spiders even) have been watching him. As to related… we don’t have any evidence, and I go by Rule #1.

Question from BudIcer: Who[m] do you think will die in the next book?

Galadriel: Since there is now the statement that it will be a “bad” death, it has to be someone important to us. We have put a lot of our theories on our site, so I shouldn’t take valuable time in discussing them here, but I will summarize. The most likely are the ones who have hints that would lead us to think so. Dumbledore may pull a Gandalf on us; Percy may cause the death of a relative (Mrs. Weasley?); Hagrid, of course, for many reasons… Although we also considered that Hagrid may not be around because he will go find his mum and stay with her. Who[m] else do I say quickly? I think there is a story behind each, and if you go see what we say, then you can have your own theory. We are taking theories and discussing offline a lot!

Question from BluPhEoNiX22: Why do you think that none of the Hogwarts ghosts [was] able to locate the Chamber of Secrets (Moaning Myrtle, in particular, who seems to know her way around the pipes very well)?

Galadriel: Ah, yes… nothing to help us here. So we use a little bit of JKR logic: We think that there are certain places in Hogwarts that maybe since they have already been made secure by magic to EVERYONE – that would include ghosts. Also, the real question is why Myrtle never saw Ginny or the Basilisk come out of the pipes.

Question from Kat: There’s a lot of speculation that Harry could be the descendant of Godric Gryffindor. [What] are your insights [into] this theory?

Galadriel: We agree. We list many of those theories in our guide, and we just posted a new (very cool) theory about that on our site. It concerns the name Harry – and it is really cool!

Question from Prophet: Who[m] do you think is the third person on the left-hand side of the promotional stickers? And the person directly to his/her right?

Galadriel: I am frustrated by GrandPré’s androgynous paintings. I think it’s probably a female. The taller one I think might be an older person, but again, only Lupin or Mundungus is really obvious. Who knows? Nothing to help us. Maybe they are three [A]urors and are the “old crowd”!

Question from TCG-TJ: JKR introduces a character two or three times in Book 1 [who] is surprisingly added [to] the movie. Her name is Doris Crockford. JKR must have thought her important to add her in but cut the fact that it was Sirius’s motorbike Hagrid borrows from the movie. Rule #2 (I think) is if JKR reinforces it, she wants us to remember it. Is there anything we need to know about Doris Crockford?

Galadriel: You raise an excellent point! We are told that JKR has been in contact with Steve Kloves. I talk with people who know him, and I am not sure still how much contact he really has and what he knows. I assume that either Doris was a fun thing for him, or maybe some of those Leaky Cauldron people will turn out like Mundungus… You are right! We should watch her carefully!

Question from Eric: Do you believe Harry received help in locating the Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone? Do you think Dumbledore willingly pointed Harry in the right direction, or was there other help as well? Also, do you think Dumbledore and Harry are relatives?

Galadriel: Not really help other than what Dumbledore did to prepare him. However, I am convinced that Dumbledore is CONSTANTLY watching Harry. The encounter with the Mirror of Erised was not a one-time situation. Notice that Dumbledore was supposedly wandering around the night that Colin got zapped by the Basilisk. He wanders all night – always watching, I bet. So he watched over but let Harry do it – just like he explained in the hospital room. No, I don’t think Harry and Dumbledore are relatives. I really don’t see evidence for that anywhere. There are many other more definitive hints about him being related to others. Yes, I know about Lily and the red hair. However, if Dumbledore is related, it would have to be very distantly because I think there is something else going on. I agree with those who think that Dumbledore may have more to his background and life, so maybe back a ways. I would agree with it then.

Question from BeX: On behalf of the team, we were wondering if you could explain the idea of Rita Skeeter being a disguise for someone using the Polyjuice Potion.

Galadriel: Ah, yes… sucking on her quill just like Mad-Eye sipped from his flask. Also, the man[n]ish hands, the stronger-than-expected grip from this old lady. Also, the idea that her hair was odd to Harry. Remember: That is the most popular place to get a “piece” of anyone for Polyjuice. So we are possibly thinking it could be Lockhart come back or the other prisoner from the [P]ensieve. We’re not sure of anything except that it’s awfully suspicious and not very feminine. We’re watching carefully for three gold teeth.

Question from Kristen: Like you said in the Restricted Section of your book, Remus Lupin and James Potter may have switched bodies. Do you think Dumbledore knows this, and if so, will the big secret also be that Harry finds this out?

Galadriel: Okay, we will start by addressing this VERY CONTROVERSIAL topic. For those who don’t like it, it’s in the SPECULATION SECTION! We put it there on pupose. Everything in there is for FUN. Now, about your question… No, Dumbledore would not have known. The only people who even knew that Sirius and Pettigrew switched were Dumbledore and Lily. Obviously James… but we think that the switch took place without anyone else knowing, so just like Dumbledore didn’t know about the Animagi, he didn’t know about this.

Question from hprox: There are many rumors over the prominence that Harry inherited Lily’s eyes. Do you think that Harry’s eyes will play an important role in the fifth book?

Galadriel: Oh, yeah! There was an interview with in which the moderator asked JKR if Harry might be doing something with his eyes that looked like this, and JKR answered with her famous “you’re good!” So we also noticed the image of Harry in the first movie posters seems to be doing something with his eyes there, and we think that his eyes may have some real non-wand power!

Question from Mr: The centaurs were proven to be quite the astronomers in Book 1 (Mars is bright) and knowing JKR, weren’t introduced just for fun. Do you think that centaurs will play a vital role in the fight against Voldemort (or against Dumbledore)? Also, do you think house-elves will be used as spies on either side?

Galadriel: Cool questions! The centaurs (like the goblins) will remain neutral, with one exception: our Firenze, who[m] JKR said in an interview will definitely be back. Remember, the centaurs were SWORN to not reveal what is in the heavens. As to house-elves… great spies… loyal to Dumbledore. However, also loyal to their masters (like Dobby). So what is happening with Lucius? Does he get a new house-elf? How about that “venemous” one from the Scholastic description? We are only hopeful that the house-elves refuse to support the bad masters this time!

Question from flibbertigibbet: Someone on CoS Forums mentioned that they think Rita Skeeter may be the one to give Sirius away once Hermione lets her out in London. What do you think?

Galadriel: Oh! Very good! Yes… we have stated that we are SURE Rita could be a very big danger. We also mentioned in the guide that we are very concerned about what Rita witnessed in the hospital room. We can only hope…

Question from MNGuest123456789: What was the gleam in Dumbledore’s eye at the end of Book 4?

Galadriel: Ah, yes… that famous gleam. We are sure that it is NOT anything sinister. There is nothing to tell us that Dumbledore would have any reason to suddenly do anything bad to Harry. He’s had all this time to do so. He is most certainly Harry’s protector. So why the gleam? Because he realized that SOMETHING happened at the graveyard [that] would be harmful to Voldemort. That could be something tainted by Harry’s blood. It could be that they protected Harry with something else. Remember, Dumbledore stated that “that PARTICULAR” protection of Harry not being touched is gone. That implies other protections. Maybe one of those was transferred. We have often heard from Snape about slow-acting poisons. Harry even had to write a paper about it! So maybe that? Whatever it was, the reason for the gleam and then the sadness again was that whatever it was, it would NOT take effect right away. So we are left to face Voldemort as is. One thing I should mention because everyone asks about it is that it would not be that Harry’s blood was mortal. In Chapter 1 of Book 4, Wormtail and Voldemort discuss that it could have been anyone’s blood. It was Voldemort’s decision to choose Harry. Also, remember: It was Voldemort’s OWN personal spell he invented to bring himself back, so he knew exactly what he was doing and even CHOSE to go back to a mortal body at first. We are expecting him to try [to] become immortal again. So we will be watching for what might have happened from that “gleam” to see what weakness is found in Voldemort!

Question from elangomat: I was wondering what you thought about Dumbledore’s comment about “ah, music. More powerful than what we teach here.” We know Dumbledore enjoys chamber music, and Flamel likes opera. Will music play a bigger role sometime? (and how?)

Galadriel Interesting. We did cover that in the guide. I will explain. We feel that music was put in there as story-line [sic] clues to Fluffy. However, JKR has been using many popular brainteasers and puzzles in her stories. For instance, chess and mazes. So we think she might actually try to embed a code in music if she can… but that’s just fun speculation.

Question from Tashiffa: Petunia; Harry’s mother, Lily; and Narcissa Malfoy all have flower names. Both Lily and Narcissa are described as being thin/slim and blonde. Do you really think they might be related, adding weight to the “Aunt Petunia is a Squib” theory?

Galadriel: Yes. We really like the “Petunia is a Squib” theory, but about flower names… We didn’t really address them because we couldn’t figure out what they might be saying. Myrtle and even Fleur (“flower” in French) are also there. We have recently received an HP Sleuth theory that we will post. It’s pretty interesting, but we don’t have it on our site yet. Unless we get an answer to all those flower names in Book 5, we will probably add it to our “Running Bits” in the guide. We really like the idea that all the “witches” have flower names. You are right there!

Question from honey: What important role will Ginny be playing in Book 5?

Galadriel: Ginny is an underestimated character. In the Yule Ball – Book 4, if you recall – when everyone was trying to find out who was Hermione’s date; if you look carefully at Ginny’s response, you will notice that she apparantly DID know the answer to that. Probably the only person to know, which means HERMIONE CONFIDES IN GINNY! Also, if you think about it, Ginny went to the ball with Neville and probably knows a lot of Neville’s secrets as well. We DO know from Book 2 that GINNY CAN KEEP A BIG SECRET!

Question from Mione: JKR is always mentioning how Dumbledore seems to have a “penetrating stare” (For example, when Harry’s name came out of the Goblet of Fire). Harry sometimes feels as if he is being x-rayed. Do you think that Dumbledore is able to see Harry’s thoughts and/or feelings?

Galadriel: The idea of people reading Harry’s mind was addressed in our guide. When I started writing the guide, I did it in order from Book 1 [to] Book 4 and watched everything develop as I analyzed it. At first, I thought the “reading people’s minds” thing might have been true, but then I noticed that every time Harry though[t] someone was reading his mind, it turned out to be that they had “inside info.” For instance, when Snape knew about the car, he had the Evening Prophet there. When Dumbledore told Harry not to send owls after the Crouch attach in Book 4, Harry found out that Dumbledore had been in contact with Sirius on his own. So I think that mostly it’s that they know things and that Dumbledore is trying hard to understand Harry. But keep that thought. We will be expanding on that kind of thing in later postings!

Question from Sirius: There seem to be some parallels regarding things like talents, wants, personalities, etc. (Harry/James, Hermione/Lily) Do you think there is a Ron parallel to the [M]arauders era, and what could be the significance of these parallels?

Galadriel: Interesting question. JKR likes to parallel a lot. However, she also understands the importance of people relying on each other and the importance of skill sets and friendships. So is there a specific parallel to the [M]arauders? Maybe… probably.

Question from muggle: What do you think is the significance of the Grey Lady (Ravenclaw ghost), whose name has yet to be mentioned in the books?

Galadriel: Oh! Yeah, could she be Dumbldore’s ex? Is that why he won’t leave Hogwarts? Is she the ghost of Ravenclaw? She is definitely important. And notice: In the first movie, they had her appear in several scenes, so she is important, but we have so little to go on. A BIG question is if that was the ghost we saw when Harry was under the cloak. Was she able to see through the cloak, and how is she helping Dumbledore keep track of the comings and goings around Hogwarts?

Question from yin_taku: In Book 4, around page 706, when Harry is naming the Death Eaters he saw and heard, Snape “twitches” violently after hearing Lucius Malfoy’s name. Do you see any significance at all about such a reaction? Please explain.

Galadriel: That one is not too hard. We know from the [P]ensieve that Snape was a Death Eater. We also were told that the Death Eaters knew one another – although not all of them – so it is probably that Snape knew Malfoy and maybe even made him a target for spying last time.

Question from dsstaff: Who[m] do you think the person who does magic without being a wizard (as JKR mentioned) will be?

Galadriel: If Petunia is a Squib, then (as much as I would hate to see it) she could be the one. However, my vote is with Filch. I know we aren’t supposed to like him too much, but remember how concerned he was in Book 4 about the [c]hampion’s [e]gg? He has good intentions at times, and he clearly loves his Hogwarts. So I could easily see him in a very emotional time letting it all out and really doing magic!

Question from Remus: Why do you think JKR made Tom Riddle look similar to Harry?

Galadriel: Well, as many things [as] I have logical theories about, that one is a stumper. She clearly said it for some reason. She has plans, but I’m afraid I have no insight at this time.

Question from RhenMyster: In Chamber of Secrets, since Riddle was in a book when the Chamber was opened, do you think Ginny can speak Parseltongue? Who else could have opened it?

Galadriel: The way that worked was that Riddle placed himself inside Ginny in the same way that Voldemort placed himself into Quirrell. So when Riddle took over Ginny, he spoke through her mouth in the same way that the spirit who took over Trelawney spoke through her mouth. However, there is a possibility, just like that way Voldemort left some of himself in Harry after the failed curse, that Ginny may have retained some of Voldemort, too, which I should have mentioned in that previous question – another reason that Ginny is probably very important.

Question from Damon: It’s been said many times that Book 2 doesn’t seem to have anything really significant to the story involved. Is it possible that the Chamber of Secrets may, in fact, be Book 2 itself – filled with secrets we’ve yet to discover?

Galadriel: Well, the Chamber will probably still be important. Remember, Trevor is still hopping around! Also, remember that collapsed tunnel on the Marauder’s Map. There may be more tunnels intersecting, and it may yet be a place for Voldemort to sneak back into the castle. As you say, Slytherin is very clever. Just like Dumbledore, he probably didn’t count on just one spell.

Question from Moody: What do you think the [“]everything[“] is that Dumbledore is going to tell Harry in Book 5?

Galadriel: In our [s]pecial Phoenix [e]dition of our guide, we speculated many things. We all should be alert that there is a danger that JKR will pull Rule #2 on us (not tell, leave us hanging)! However, there was an interview in which JKR said she was going to tell us a lot more in Book 5 – that was a few years ago – and if she keeps to that, we may get some big revelations. For instance, we have been told we will definitely hear some more about Lily, and knowing JKR, she will tell us just enough to make us scream again! We will probably find out more about Snape and otherwise not enough info. You HP Sleuths have been coming up with great theories on your own! We have nothing specific to top what you all have been speculating!

Question from hpgirlie43: Do you think that Harry will survive his 7th year at Hogwarts?

Galadriel: Ah. Very interesting. We actually have some specific statements from JKR about that. The only problem is, they CONTRADICT each other! In an interview from about 1999, she definitely states that Harry will GRADUATE and even get to use magic OUTSIDE OF HOGWARTS. However, in another interview, later on, she refuses to answer a question about Harry getting older than seventeen! What to believe? We need an accurate crystal ball!

Question from notAmuggle: Harry never got the Marauder’s Map back from Moody/Crouch, Jr. at the end of Book 4. What do you think is going to happen with that? Will he get it back in Book 5? Does Dumbledore have it? Will Death Eaters get it somehow and cause turmoil within Hogwarts?

Galadriel: YES! THAT’S THE QUESTION! We asked that in our guide. We know this so far: Dumbledore has not been aware of the map! That should be remembered by anyone who thinks that Dumbledore knows everything. He only knows MOST everything! Also, we know that Crouch[, Jr.]/Moody had the map last, so was it on him when he got the [K]iss? Did Fudge get it? Was it in the trunk? Just where it is is going to make a big difference. We need to all be alert for that as we read Book 5!

Question from Lucille: What do you think about the theories about the female DADA teacher in Book 5? Do you think it will be Arabella Figg or Fleur?

Galadriel: We can’t believe it could possibly be Fleur. For one thing she’s not experienced enough. For another, even though she was a champion, she couldn’t even get away from some pesky grindylows. So unless Dumbledore is depesperate – which he could be – since the hint was dropped that she wanted to come to Hogwarts, we’re not ruling it out. As to who else, yes, Mrs. Figg is a good possibility.

Question from Brendan: What do you think the big thing concerning the Dursleys is?

Galadriel: That one I don’t remember hearing. If there is another about them, I think that Uncle Vernon has already shown himself to be brave standing up to Hagrid. Also, there isn’t much else about them that we know except that JKR has made it clear all the time that they are DEFINITELY all Muggle.

Question from HPNutter: What do you think was with the kiss from Hermione on the cheek that Harry got at the end of Book 4? Do you think that we should keep it in mind, or is JKR using her red herring card?

Galadriel: Yeah, red herring, I’m afraid. Hermione and Ron have shown the jealousy that definitely comes with caring about another person more than they’re willing to admit, while Harry doesn’t really display any latent interest in Hermione that we can see.

Question from Bex: We were told that the Weasley [c]lock was something to pay attention to in the Chamber of Secrets movie. What do you think it was? Do you think it meant anything at all?

Galadriel: That clock is a bit odd. It didn’t seem to tell Mrs. Weasley very well that everyone was all right during the Dark Mark thing. If “mortal danger” is a possibility, then like everything else in these stories, we might want to be concerned that it might be used. We hope not!

Question from NYMetsGirl1986: Do you think that Neville will want to seek revenge for his parents? While usually seeming weak, Neville does have his strong points, such as Herbology. How do you think Neville and Herbology will come into play in the future?

Galadriel: Oh, yes! Very good! Neville has this thing with sea stuff. He may already have some knowledge of what is happening in the Hogwarts lake. We are concerned about Uncle Algie (a sea-like word). That guy may not have been just “testing” Neville for magic. Who drops a Squib out of a high window? So Neville may need to use his water skills either with or against his uncle.

Question from RSCM: In an episode of So Weird, they talk about parallel universes for each of the choices you make (basically, you and your evil twin). Could this be a relationship between Neville and Pettigrew? Pettigrew making the wrong choice and Neville making the right choice? (Ron, Harry, Neville, and Hermione seem too much like James and his crowd.

Galadriel: That’s an EXCELLENT analogy. Classic Trek did the same thing, too. You are right. We should monitor those parallels. We see JKR using parallels mostly for comparisons of what you are saying – the choices. She has made it very clear that Book 5 will be about those choices! So do we go so far as to think in terms of parallel universes? Not sure, but they will be paralleled for decisions, and we are very interested to see Neville’s fate.

Question from Ginny: What is your theory on the ghosts? Why do some people become ghosts and some don’t?

Galadriel: This is good. JKR has used all the “classic” legends to create her world. The most popular theory of people who believe in ghosts is that they are troubled spirits who are stuck on the earthly world with unfinished business. That definitely seems to be the case here since JKR said in an interview that they are, indeed, troubled spirits. So that is why… but the one we’re scratchi[ng] our head over is Professor Binns! What would be HIS deep dark secret that ties him to this world[?] What is he so troubled about?

Jamie: That’s all we’ve got time for, I’m afraid! Thank you very much to Galadriel for answering all the questions. I hope you’ve all gotten something out of this chat. Incidentally, the chat server is open 24 hours a day, so if you feel like sharing a theory with someone or just generally chatting, please visit. Thank you!

Galadriel: Thank you, all you HP Sleuths! CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!!