CC #036: Week of June 22, 2003

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Dobby: Harry Potter, sir! Did you know light travels faster than sound?
Harry: So that’s why some people appear bright until you hear them speak!

Dobby: How’s life, Harry, sir?
Harry: Last night I played Poker with Tarot cards…
Dobby: How did that go, Sir?
Harry: I got a full house and four people died…

Dobby: Dobby knew of Harry Potter’s greatness, but Dobby never knew of his…
Harry: Dobby! At least close your eyes when I’m getting dressed!
-Danielle K

I know they all look like house elves, sir. Dobby’s not very good at shadow puppets…

‘Yes, Dobby is quite active for being a little orange ball on a stick, Harry Potter.’
-Robert A

Dobby: Can you see him too? That little colorless elf who keeps following me up and down your bed right next to the wall?
Harry: Dobby, I’m pretty sure that’s your shadow.
Dobby: Oh, well you’d better watch out for my shadow, because every time I lift my arm he tries to snatch your tie!

‘Oh, no! Dobby is sorry, sir, but Dobby is the one who stole the cookies from the cookie jar! You’ve caught me!’

Dobby: Harry Potter, Dobby has come to… *gasps-look of horror on face*
Harry: What?
Dobby: There’s something on your forehead!
-Laura J.

Harry: DOBBY?! What are you doing in my bedroom?!
Dobby: Dobby has come to warn you, sir. Harry Potter is not to return to Hogwarts!
Harry: ‘Why not?’
Dobby: Because, sir, if Harry Potter does return, he will meet his doom!
Harry: Dobby, I already met Lockhart last week…
Dobby: Oh.

Harry had one of those days when you wake up, and can’t believe what you’ve woken up next to.

Dobby: ‘Dobby has friends, yes, yes he does! Dobby was just telling his shadow about how much Gollum liked him!’

Dobby: Mister Harry Potter, Sir!
Harry: What do you want?
Dobby: Well, sir, Dobby was hoping you could point him in the direction of the bathroom, Sir….

Frodo Baggins! Such an honor it is!
-Soobi Khan

‘Ah, Harry Potter is lucky, sir, for Dobby just put his pillowcase back on!’

Harry: Dobby, how could you?!
Dobby: Dobby didn’t do it…Dobby swears…Dobby didn’t send your caption to the suggestion box!

Harry: Dobby the House Elf! Such an honor it is! *Takes a deep bow*
Dobby: Who are you?
Harry: Harry, sir. Harry Potter.
Dobby: Not to be rude or anything, but this isn’t a great time for me to have The Boy Who Lived in my bedroom.
Harry: Yes, sir. Harry understands. It’s just that Harry Potter has come to tell you to.-.-.get out of my room!!!!
Dobby: Oh, man! Dobby thought his mind trick would work perfectly on Harry Potter!!

And from out of nowhere, came the house elf…

Harry: ‘I present Dobby, The Mexican Jumping Bean!!’

‘Honestly, Dobby isn’t doing what you think he is…’

Dobby: ‘Whatever Dobby did, Dobby didn’t do it!’
-Stephy J

‘Dobby told Harry Potter not to disturb Dobby when Dobby is cleaning Harry Potter’s room, sir!’
-Sara Z.

*Harry walks into his room*
Harry: What the…?
Dobby: Harry Potter! Such an honor it is! I am Dobby, sir. Dobby the house elf.
Harry: Wait a minute… what are you doing with my socks?
Dobby: Dobby has heard of your greatness, sir, but never has Dobby smelled socks so heroic!
Harry: Dobby, give me those, now!
Dobby: NO!

‘…You were expecting… maybe.. Yoda?

Dobby: Two little house elves jumping on the bed – One fell off and broke his..! *gasp* Harry Potter, sir!
Harry: Dobby, I thought I told you already… No more house elves jumping on my bed!!
-Amanda N.

‘Dobby is sorry, sir. Dobby only wanted to borrow your tie for the Phoenix release party!’

Harry: Um… what are you doing in my room?
Dobby: Dobby is here to warn you to change your calendar…
Harry: WHY?!
Dobby: It is a month behind schedule and you just missed your train to Hogwarts…
Harry: WHAT?
Dobby: Oh, and your tie is sooo out of style.. the new look is the Pillow Case!!!
-Alyssa L.

Dobby: Dobby has heard, sir, there are rumours that Dobby dies in the fifth book? Is it true, Sir?!
Harry: *under his breath* I hope so
-J. Perez

Man: ‘What are you doing in my room?!’
Dobby: You’re…you’re not Harry Potter…!

‘Wooooowww, is that a Playstation 2? I only have a Nintendo 64… lucky duck!

Harry: Dobby, what are you doing in…
Dobby: Sorry, sir! Dobby needed a bed to jump on..
Harry: But we’re supposed to have our meetings in here!
Dobby: Well, sir… there’s a spacious girls’ bathroom on the second floor…?
-Eric [Staff]





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