CC #038: Week of July 6, 2003

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Harry walked through this door just by chance,
But more than enough was his one glance.
The only thing more disturbing than blown up aunts,
Is watching Dudley try on short pants!


Harry: *freezes in his steps* Why do I always feel like Dudley is right behind me, looking over my shoulder? Is he really? Nah, I think I’m becoming paranoid…

Harry: Crap, I looked at the camera again!

Dan: I think I’ve just swallowed my speech bubble…

‘Ready or not, here I come…’

Harry: So this is where they put the captions that didn’t make it…
-Sarah S

And then Harry realized he had left his unread copy of Order of the Phoenix on the Hogwarts Express…

Where will you be when your laxative starts working?

Dan: Okay…I’m staring at an orange ball on a stick, people…

Columbus: No, Dan! You’re supposed to look happy in this scene!
Dan: Sorry, Chris. I’ve been taking expression lessons from Rupert

Harry: Hermione! Ron! When I said ‘get a room’ I didn’t mean mine!

Harry: Dobby, I’m not Percy ya know! I know what a joke is!! You don’t have to dance around half-naked wearing only a tea cozy

Harry: ‘Uncle Vernon?! Aunt Petunia?! Mrs. Figg?!’
Vernon: *flustered* ‘Uh… go back to your room, boy!
Mrs. Figg: ‘No, Vernon it’s quite alright he can join.’
Harry: ‘Yay! Can I be the top hat or the little doggie?’

Harry looked into the mirror. He suddenly stumbled back. ‘It can’t be…, Harry said to himself, ‘My eyes… their blue!

Traumatized after walking in on Uncle Vernon getting dressed, Harry knew he’d never eat jello again

…And out of nowhere came The-Boy-Who-Lived…

Harry: ERIC?! What are you doing in my room?
Eric: shhh! I’m not allowed to be mentioned in the Caption Contest anymore!

‘So this is where all the speech bubbles are!’

Harry: Er, Dobby… I think you’ve misunderstood the phrase ‘stripping the bed’.

This time, Dobby brought Winky with him…

Umbridge: See Harry, this is what we do to people who put their entries in the suggestion box!
Harry: *gulp*

Harry: *opens door to the Department of Mysteries*
Chris Tarrant: So, let’s play … ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’!
Ron: Is this it?
Harry: Nope!
Ron: But you told me –
Harry: Yeah, that was another dream, Ron.

‘Maybe I should knock next time…’

‘Oh my gosh, there’s an elf on my bed and I forgot to make my Christmas list!

Harry: ‘Now, what did I come in here for?’

Harry: So Hermione, you’re the one who stole the cookies from the cookie jar!?!

Harry: Dobby! Why have you grown so tall all of a sudden?
Eric: But-I’m –
Harry: And why are you holding that Muggle camera?
Eric: But- I’m not Do-
Harry: And what have you done to your face?!? You look terrible!
Eric: But, I’m not Dobby! I’m E-
Harry: Oh yeah, and have you seen Eric the caption man? I’m going to strangle him for making sell girl-scout cookies a few weeks ago.
Eric: Uhhhh….*squeaky voice* Harry Potter sir! Such an honor it is!

Harry: Is that…? It can’t be…Waldo?

Harry: Woah there, Dobby! Now… now just reach for the loin-cloth… Tie it around your waist. Waist, waist! Not head, Waist!





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