Fan Focus: Dala – July 13, 2003

Age 48 – California, USA

How and when did you get into Harry Potter?

I got into Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone a little over three years ago when my boss (a 48-year-old man) had the book on his desk and I inquired about it. He said it was great fun and having loved magic stuff as a kid I quickly read all the books. I have re-read them, of course, 4-5 times since and never tire of J. K. Rowling’s superb story-telling capabilities.

Which Harry Potter book is your favorite?

The Order of the Phoenix (even though I wanted to BLOW up that Umbridge woman! really!)

What character can you relate to most?

I suppose I relate most to Harry Potter as I come from quite an unusual family dynamic as does Harry. I always tried to take care of others and still do, something that Harry always does puts himself in danger before others. I found when I was in school it was the place where I thrived the most. I sure wish there had been a Hogwarts when I was a little girl.

Are you satisfied with the handling of the “boy/girl stuff” in book 5?

I found the relationship with Cho a bit unsatisfying but for a 15-year-old boy, I think he is about on track. I don’t think Harry needs to grow up in that regard any faster than necessary for the story. I would have liked to see something between Ron and Hermione, but JKR only put in enough to get us thinking there might be something!

What did you think was the most exciting thing that happened in book 5? What was the most disturbing? What left the biggest impression on you?

The most exciting was definitely the battle at the end when the Order of the Phoenix descended upon the Department of Mysteries. Wow! Very intense but great battle. I had to re-read it a couple of times because I was sure more than one person was going to die!!! The most disturbing was that Draco was made Prefect! No, it was that Umbridge woman making the kids do “lines”!!!! Ow!! It just made me flinch reading these parts of the book! The thing that left the biggest impression is that as time goes on Harry seems to take on more and more traits of Voldemort! That is my close second on the “most disturbing”. Also, that he had compassion for Snape! Lastly, that he seems to be trying to grow up, concerned with others more than himself.

Was the character that died the one you thought it would be? (Be honest now!)

NOOOOOO! Gosh honest truth!! I thought it was Hagrid!! And when his appearance in book #5 was much later on, I was very worried!

Out of all the spells used in the books, which one is your favorite, and why?

Accio! I would like to summon things! That would be cool! I would then be able to get those blasted remote controls from across the room after I have already sat down! It would be fun!

Do you have anything else you’d like to add? Maybe a theory you’ve concocted, a shout-out?

Well, I became sooooo obsessed with Harry Potter and his adventures that I went into two different Harry Potter-related web businesses. The first, is a site dedicated to the Harry Potter book series. There are some great predictions and stories to look at there. I wrote a three-part story there. And the second, WizardMarket is an auction site dedicated to all things Harry Potter. Because we think children are definitely our future we started a little charity called Kids Are Magic for reading charities for kids. Lastly, where all the other managers have Disney in their office, mine is filled with HP paraphernalia including my very own replica of Hogwarts castle (it has everything: Quidditch stadium, Whomping Willow Tree, Greenhouses, Hagrid’s Hut, etc. it lights up, too), cast signed posters, lithographs, figurines, wands, and Bertie Botts, of course! YOU name it.

As for theories, my best prediction is that perhaps before Voldemort had his reign of terror in the past, Lupin and James did a Switching Spell to further try to protect the Potter family line. Therefore, when Voldemort killed Harry’s parents he really killed Lupin and James is now living Lupin’s life as part human, part werewolf to some time be reunited with Harry.

We LOVE I tell all my Harry Potter friends. It is such a great Harry Potter site that keeps the visitor busy for hours checking everything out! An asset to the Harry Potter community. Thank you for this cool site.