CC #043: Week of August 10, 2003

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Mr. Weasley: What are we trying to do; win the ‘Be Quiet And Stare’ Contest or something?
*everyone goes quiet and stares*

Ron: Um… Mum? I thought you were joking about the cat wearing Ginny’s jumper!
Fred: If the cat’s wearing Ginny’s jumper, what’s Ginny wearing?!

Mr. Weasley: So this is a tele-smidgeon!
Harry: No, Mr. Weasley…tele-VISION!
Ron: Wow, it’s so mesmerizing… I can’t take my eyes off it…
Fred: *Eyes glazed over* reeee-ruunnnnnsss….

Ginny: Oh.. umm… the glasses are.. for reading.. and um.. the scar.. I just woke up with it.. strange huh.. Hh…hi, Harry…

As Ron let out a ghastly belch, they all watched in horror as every hand on the clock spun towards ‘Mortal Danger’.

Mrs. Weasley: So we’re going to have to buy all of you new books this year…
Harry: Could you pass the potatoes, Percy?
Percy: Yeah, mum, and I hear the Lockhart books aren’t very cheap…
Harry: Umm… potatoes?
Fred: Can’t Harry buy them all for us? He sure is filthy rich!
Mrs. Weasley: Don’t talk about people like that, Fred!
Harry: Mrs. Weasley? Potatoes? Please?
Mrs. Weasley: What potatoes?

Percy: Don’t look now, but there’s a camera out the window…
Arthur: A Muggle camera? Gracious, I must see that!

Ron: Mum, the pigs are at it again…
Molly: Oh, well, for heaven’s sake, don’t look, but – what are they doing?

They all stared as a giant mouse with big ears, white gloves, and red suspenders walked through the door…

Harry: Hey! Let’s all stare at Chris!
Chris: … … … …
Harry: Keep staring

Percy: ‘The Tele-prompter says ‘Have a staring contest!’…’

Percy: Father’s making us watch the television he’s looked at every morning at breakfast…
Arthur: Go, Pikachu!

Ron: Who’s that guy with the camera?
Percy: Papparazi!
*Camera flashes several times*
Mrs. Weasley: Harry, dear, I think you need to stop coming over for breakfast…

Ron: Mum, it’s Voldemort!
Molly: I don’t give two hoots if it’s Voldemort, Ronald Weasley, you finish your breakfast and then he can try and kill us!

Hermione: For goodness sake, doesn’t a girl have the right to where whatever she wants?!
Harry: Yeah… but Dobby’s old pillowcase?!

Ginny: ‘Okay, so it isn’t Vanishing Cream…’

Harry: Um, Ron? Who’s that?
Ron: Oh, him? That’s Eric from
Arthur: He’s been watching us secretly for months…
Harry: …but he’s out in the open…
George: Well, No one said he was good at it!

Ginny: ‘I’ve got a joke! What goes ‘haha, BANG’? A man laughing his head off! Get it? Ha, ha, Bang!? Oh, forget it…

Ah, our cousin Carrot Top has finally arrived…
Harry: Good, cause I have a bone to pick with him!
Ron: Why’s that, Harry?
Harry: 1-800-CALL-ATT Doesn’t work!

Harry: Do you think that if I stare in the same place long enough I’ll be able to make that tree outside levitate?
Weasleys: Don’t know, let’s see!

Harry: ‘Hey, wha’d’ya know? The Easter Bunny really does exist!’

Fred: Hey, look! The neighbor’s eyeing the Ton-Tongue Toffee!
George: Just a little farther… little more… YES!

Dear MuggleNet Staff,
  Due to the lack of speech bubbles, we are observing the right to remain silent.
Love, The Weasleys


Ron: You know, after seeing Errol crash into that window so many times, it’s not really funny anymore…
Errol: *crash*
Ron: See what I mean?
Harry: Yeah, I do…

Once again, Harry had the feeling that Percy’s hair had just moved.

Harry: …Have you Weasleys never noticed you have a window in this kitchen..?

Mr. Weasley: ‘Everyone look over there! *mutters* haha, now I get the last piece of bacon!

Arthur: wait for it…
*Errol crashes into the window, setting off a chain of laughs*
Mrs. Weasley: Oh, Errol, what would we do without you?!

Ron: Looks like your Uncle tried to follow us, eh Harry?
George: Something tells me he doesn’t like hanging off the back of a Ford Anglia very much… *Snorts*

Ron: What are we all staring at?
Harry: shh
TV: You are watching Fox.
Everyone: We are watching ‘Fox’.

Ron: Hey, Hermione! What are you doing here?
Hermione: What are you doing here? Hogwarts term began six weeks ago!
Weasleys: WHAT?
Arthur: Oh, I knew I should’ve changed that calendar…





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