The Burrow: Squibs for Parents?

by Rachael Johnson

This month’s “The Burrow” topic is about what secrets can or will be revealed about characters in books 6 and 7. I myself have a theory to contribute to this month’s TB even though it may sound like it belongs in “The Quibbler.” My theory is that Lily’’s parents came from wizarding families, but are squibs themselves. Sound outlandish? Here’s my supporting evidence, four points of them.

First off, there’’s nothing in the books pointing against it. In fact, in the first book Petunia speaks of her jealousy of Lily saying that her parents were happy to have a witch in the family. If her parents were squibs, wouldn’’t they be happy that their child was magical? They certainly wouldn’’t be disappointed, and we’’ve seen how some people act on the subject. On the other hand, this might not mean anything, as Hermione’’s parents also seemed happy that she could do magic.

Second, the two squib characters we know are alone, single. Filch seems to be a sadistic and has something against the students of Hogwarts. Many think it’s because he can’t use magic himself. Mrs. Figg seems nice enough, but wants to rip out Mundungus’’ throat for leaving Harry (isn’t she caring?). It’’s obvious squibs aren’’t the most respected citizens in the magical world and so it might be hard to find a special someone. Is it so unlikely two squibs would marry each other?

Third, in OotP, Snape called Lily a mudblood, but isn’’t a mudblood someone magical born from muggles? What do muggles and squibs have in common? They’’re both non-magical, so couldn’’t a child of squibs be called a mudblood? Why not? In CoS Filch’’s cat was attacked because he was a squib. If Tom was going after squibs and muggleborns because of their relationship with non-magic, is it wrong to say that Lily would be called a mudblood with either squib or muggle parents? I find that to a death eater, it doesn’’t make a difference which your parents were, you’’d still be considered a mudblood because your parents were non-magical.

Fourth, in OotP there’’s an understanding between Petunia and Harry about Voldemort. If Lily’’s parents were squibs, then that means they probably had contact with the Wizard world. Notice both Mrs. Figg and Filch still have plenty of contact. Without the knowledge of the Wizard world, there is no way Petunia would begin to understand the terror Voldemort can and did cause.

I think this is sufficient evidence to at least keep open the possibility of Lily’’s parents being squibs. That good chance of squibs marrying each other, Lily being called a mudblood, and the understanding between Harry and Petunia only support this theory. Perhaps the craziest theory this month, I stand by that it could be true.