The Burrow: Lion Heart Or Snake Eyes?: Percy Weasley

by Briana B., special Burrow correspondent

“You may belong to Gryffindor, where dwell the brave of heart.
Their cunning, nerve and chivalry set Gryffindors apart.”

SS/PS, the Sorting Hat

Thus begins the first magical year of Hogwarts for young Harry. Also, it begins a very small thing that takes up less than a page in the book, but is mentioned approximately once in the majority of the series. Of course, I am speaking of the dilemma of Gryffindor and Slytherin to Harry. “But where to put you?” asked the Sorting Hat. In the end, he is placed (thankfully) into Gryffindor, and all has been well since. Yet, you must keep in mind one thing: he had traits of both houses.

The same case goes for Hermione. Jumping forward about four books and a few chapters, we find out that the Sorting Hat had also seriously considered placing her in a different house, because she had traits of both. Of course, any person with enough sense knows that a personality isn’t bound to one area, or in this case, house.

I believe that the Sorting Hat looks at almost every single major or important character and personality trait in the wearer as he tries to decide which house best suits him or her. Whichever house’s description best fits the mind, or if a majority of them are in favor of that house, this is where he or she is placed. We all know why Harry and Hermione were debated over in their cases much too well. One’s a teen genius and the other is, well… just remember the second book. The whole trading some of Voldemort’s (gasp and shush) powers for a very bad life as a ghost-like figure thing should be some reference, I hope. Of course, I’m not here to analyze the Sorting Hat. I deemed it necessary to explain this, however, before reaching my actual point: if it happened once or twice here and now, it may have happened before and may happen again. The same problem must be held, shorter or longer, with many of the students (except Draco Malfoy, but we all know him).

So why not Percy Weasley?

Admit it. Ever since Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, most people spit at the mention of that name! I probably would, too! We’ve now seen a side that we’ve never seen before from a Weasley child. Now, I know that there are many speculations that it was all a set-up, but it would have to be a VERY good one. All of his expressions fit a pure, go-happy, will-be top of the class soon if he plays his cards right, person.

Basically, I believe that Percy could’ve been placed in another house. Before I delve into that, however, I will have to recap on the rest of the Weasley family. There’s Arthur, Molly, Bill, Charlie, Fred, George, Ron, and Ginny. All are loyal, brave, they’ll stand and fight, and they have a strong nerve to pluck. The four eldest are in the Order, one of them being a curse breaker and the other a dragon tamer (you have to be brave for that, I’d say). The ‘Gred and Forge’ twins are also in there. They’ll stand up for anyone who doesn’t deserve a picking at, and, let’s face it, they aren’t afraid of getting in trouble. Ron and Ginny have proved themselves a number of times, along with Harry, to fit perfectly into the Lion’s den.

What about Percy? We don’t know a lot about him, except that he’s a rule-leader and -enforcer, has been a prefect and Head Boy, gets annoyed by the younger Weasleys, and loves his job. Before OotP, we knew only this much. Yet the newest release has opened up many points of young, foolish Percy that we have never known before.

Below, I have made a compare and contrast chart of Gryffindor and Percy.

1. Loyal
2. Strong
3. Brave
4. Makes the ‘better’ choices
5. Knows when to break the rules, but not always
6. Stands up for others
7. Has plans, but works things out when he get there
8. Strong Nerve
9. Works hard for what she wants/needs, but knows where the line is

1. Rejected his family
2. Goes with the flow
3. Let’s face it… he’s kind of a wuss
4. Makes choices that go with the law and rules
5. Never, ever wants to break the rules
6. Gets people in trouble
7. Makes everything neat and perfect, then fumbles off somewhere else when it messes up
8. Cracked under pressure of the Ministry and went with them
9. Ambitious; will do anything to advance in his job

I’m sure that he must have some of the family traits, but I listed what some of the ones the Sorting Hat would look at to place him in a house. Does anyone see it yet? I believe Harry and Percy have something in common. I think the Sorting Hat may have considered placing Percy in Slytherin. As much as any good fan of Harry Potter likes to think it, we weren’t there in the past of Hogwarts, even only a few years back. There is no way we could’ve seen or known how long Percy’s Sorting took. How should we know how Percy’s placement of all time went? I am assuming it was something like Harry’s. But why was he put in Gryffindor, then? I shall quote good old Dumbledore when I saw that it was Harry’s choice that caused the hat to place him in Gryffindor. Could the same be for Percy?

His entire family had been and is in Gryffindor, so it is obvious that he, as Ron had, was feeling anxious to be in this house, too. A sign of family loyalty, perhaps, it was? A choice based on loyalty may have altered the hat’s view, but we will never know.

No one but Percy would know, obviously, because he would definitely wish for the secret to be kept on tight watch by him. Maybe he asked Dumbledore. Maybe not. It may all be his choice whether or not we ever know.

This probably brings more comparisons to mind. Neville and Hufflepuff could be the next wonder, but for now, my thoughts are on the Git Percy, Personal Assistant to the Minister and Weasley disowner. I wish him the best of luck and some sense kicked into his little noggin. If any readers are fans of Percy and/or believe he is misguided, I realize this, too, and not only apologize for any offense taken, but think this, too.

Is he really lion-hearted, or do his eyes cry snake? We may never know…