The Burrow: I Can’t Tell You

by Natasha Guzman

Okay, so here we are, sitting around and looking for any Harry Potter info, HP rumors, HP clues, and waiting for the next HP movie. Well my friends, I think I have pretty good chunks of clues, so kick off your shoes, and relax to read.

In the recent JK Rowling interview, she’s given us a few solid facts: there will be a new Minister of Magic, Harry and Cho are officially finito, and Hermione will not be doing any cooking with Draco Malfoy any time soon. Well, since you already know these things, I’m not going to focus on that stuff, and instead I’ll concentrate on the stuff that isn’t proven yet.

The first topic I will discuss will be (get ready) Ron’s possible death. I personally think that JK is just trying to mess with our minds.

In one question, she was asked what Ron’s profession will be when he left school. Her answer was:

Well, assuming he lives to leave school…I’m not going to tell you 🙂

We all know how attached JK is to Ron. On various occasions she has mentioned that he is one of her favorite characters. Now, what I ask myself is: why would JK be so comfortable speaking of one of her most beloved characters dying? My answer; because it isn’t going to happen. I remember that when JK had to speak about that ‘mysterious death’ in Book Five, she was always sad speaking of it. One time, she mentioned that she got so upset that her husband suggested that she change it.

So why does JK keep speaking of it as though it were no big deal? I mean, she even put a smiley face after her answer. To me, that indicated that she was kidding.

Another reason for my thought came from this article.

In that article she says, “It’s great to hear feedback from kids. Mostly they are worried about Ron. As if I’m going to kill Harry’s best friend.”

She said ‘as if’. You guys know what that means, don’t you? She’s not considering it. I think people say as if when they say things that they don’t believe, or when they hear something they can’t believe, and say, “As if!”

Another hint against his death is found here.

This is what is said:

Q: Any hints you could share about what to expect in future Harry Potter books?
A: The theme running through all seven books is the fight between good and evil, and I’m afraid there will be casualties! Children usually beg me not to kill Ron when I tell them this; they seem to think he is most vulnerable, probably because he is the hero’s best friend!

It sounds to me like she’s not being serious again. Her words were, “They seem to think”, as though it’s not going to happen, or as though what ‘they’ think is not true.

Now, I know that the brilliant HP sleuths will battle me and say that Ron will die, but I’ll still disagree. They have the interesting chess game theory, which basically predicts everything, but I have to ask; why would JK write something that would just give everything away? Especially if the fans could figure it out so easily. And their other theory which is how Ron will die because he joked about his tea leaves saying Die, Ron, Die. It’s a known fact that when Ron jokes, his jokes usually turn out to be true. Well, not all (like the Snape being a vampire one).

Onto my second, which is based on this part of the last chat:

Q: Does Voldemort die in the last book?
A: Now, do you really think I’d answer that?!

To me, this is a common sense question. It depends on how you look at it. The prophesy in Book Five says,”…..And either must die at the hands of the other for neither can live while the other survives….” This basically means that either Harry kills Voldemort or Voldemort kills Harry My question to you is this; Why would any sane human being write a series about good vs. evil if evil was going to triumph over good in the end? Well, I think it is a fact that Voldemort will die, but about Harry? That’s a tough one.

All we can do for that side of the question is make theories. Maybe Harry will be too wounded after his battle with Voldemort that he’ll be too weak to survive. Maybe some other psychopath will kill Harry after he’s killed their lord. All we can do for that side is to guess.

Onto relationships! That’s my favorite subject! I’m all for Ron and Hermione! But the H/Hr shippers insist that JK’s comment in her last interview about having enough clues was H/Hr positive. I personally think that it was H/Hr negative. The fact is, that there are no clues for H/Hr. In my opinion, there are clues that they’ll stay best friends forever.