The Burrow: Crookshanks: The Answer to the Mystery?

by Hope

This may end up to be a far-fetched theory that is completely incorrect, however, as I analyzed the possibility, it seemed more and more likely. There is a surprising amount of supporting evidence, which to be honest, amazed me. There have been countless arguments over who the HBP could be, but someone has yet to discuss a particular character that is frequently mentioned in the Harry Potter novels: Crookshanks. Although seemingly unimportant, this half blood has been overlooked more than just once. JKR is so subtle that most of us did not even think twice about her foreshadowing:

-Crookshanks tries persistently to attack Scabbers from the moment he sees the rat. (PoA Page 49 UK) Hermione says, “All cats chase rats, Ron!” (I expect this is what most of us thought as well). However, Crookshanks knows that Scabbers was not what he seemed.

-Crookshanks protects Sirius before anyone else learns that he is innocent (PoA page 250-251 UK).

These behaviors are definitely not normal for a cat, but many of us barely noticed. Perhaps we have overlooked this creature once again by excluding him from our candidates for the HBP.

Crookshanks, as JKR has already revealed on her website, is a half-blood; he is half cat/half kneazle. A kneazle is described (in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them) as:

– “Intelligent, independent” and “has an uncanny ability to detect unsavory and suspicious characters.” With these kneazle senses, Crookshanks could help the Order of the Phoenix considerably (enough to earn himself the title of book six?). Animagi do not fool him and I don’t think the Polyjuice Potion would either (however, Crookshanks is scarcely mentioned in GoF). Could this furry half blood become an extremely useful tool in the next two books? His secret must be discovered before long, likely in the next book.

– Having “flecked, speckled, or spotted fur, outsize ears and a tail like a lion’s.” The lion is a symbol of royalty and courage (Gryffindor) in many religions, astronomy, ancient Egypt and in general; therefore the prince is connected. Why would JK connect such a symbolic animal to Crookshanks? Maybe because his lion-like tail represents his position in royalty…

George Cruikshank (1792-1878) is described in the Oxford Dictionary as an “English painter, illustrator and caricaturist. The most eminent political cartoonist of his day, he was known for exposing the private life of the Prince Regent (George IV Prince of Wales).” If Crookshanks is not the prince, then perhaps he will expose the character with his kneazle senses.

Crookshanks wasn’t in CoS (the title HBP would not apply), however it’s possible that JKR cut him in order to develop his character more before introducing him into a major plot.

All the criteria are there: Crookshanks is a male, he is a half-blood, and there is that slight touch of royalty… Is JK trying to fool us once again with her subtle foreshadowing? We’ll just have to wait and see…