The Department of Mysteries: I PREDICT!: What’s Coming in Book Six

by Bob Sindeldecker

Most of you already have an idea of what will happen in Book 6. If you have read all of the previous books, and especially if you’ve read Galadriel Waters’ Ultimate Unofficial Guide, you have a very good idea. Here are my 2 Knuts on what we’re in for:

  1. Amelia Bones as Minister of Magic. After the Fudge scandal, the Ministry will be looking for someone who instills confidence: a no-nonsense administrator of justice totally untainted with any stain of Fudge. Amelia Bones is head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, so she’s a shoo-in for the job. This also means that … 
  2. Susan Bones will be important. Susan is Harry’s contact with Amelia, at the very least. Count on her to be an ardent supporter of Harry and enthusiastic DA member. But of course, if Amelia Bones is in, that means someone else is out. So …
  3. Lucius Malfoy’s arrest will strongly affect his cronies in government, starting with Fudge. Yes, poor Cornelius will be out of a job and don’t think he’ll take it lying down. He will probably avoid prison, but that just means he’ll be even more able to cause trouble. Look for him to join Voldemort, maybe not as a Death Eater and maybe not voluntarily (at least that’s what he’ll say when he gets caught) but he’ll join. Fudge is weak and easily manipulated; he’ll do as he is told. And besides Fudge …
  4. Percy gets fired and is still estranged from the family, either out of shame or spite. Imagine if you were Percy. You’ve turned your back on parents who have done nothing but embarrass you, secured a good job as assistant to the Minister of Magic then … what? He gets sacked, and you along with him. Nobody wants you around, and you suddenly discover you were never qualified for the job in the first place. Now what do you do? Expect him to take a room in Diagon Alley and sulk for a bit, then get caught up in whatever Fudge gets into. Percy likes to ride other people’s coattails, and if he can, he’ll milk Fudge for whatever remnants of power he can get. It’s a hard thing to swallow your pride, especially to people you’ve insulted. While Percy will become a good egg in the end, he won’t do it just yet.
  5. Ron has flashbacks from the brains. Remember when Ron and Hermione were recovering from their injuries in OotP, and it said that those brains leave scars deeper than physical ones? I expect Ron will suffer some kind of psychological troubles, the nature of which will be connected to the personalities in those brains. Gee, I hope they weren’t criminal (HEM! HEM!) brains. Hmmm … come to think of it, the Department Of Mysteries doesn’t seem so much full of mysterious things as full of dangerous things. And speaking of injuries…
  6. Hermione still suffers from Dolohov’s curse (and we find out just what it is). You can bet that was no ordinary curse; it took ten different potions to save Hermione. Don’t think for a minute she is fully recovered. There’s got to be a reason JKR did not tell us anything more about this curse: she is saving it for Book 6. Madam Pomfrey knows, or she wouldn’t have been able to treat it. And don’t think it wasn’t serious because Hermione didn’t go to St. Mungo’s; Dumbledore wouldn’t trust her health to that untrustworthy place. It makes you really appreciate how great a healer Madam Pomfrey is. I predict Hermione will suffer a relapse about halfway through Book 6, and this will give Harry yet another worry on top of the “main” worry of the book.
  7. Narcissa Malfoy inherits 12 Grimmauld Place. Why not? She is one of Sirius’ closest living relatives. This would mean the Order must vacate and find new digs, and that Narcissa (and Draco, and Lucius, and Voldy) will have access to the Order’s secrets. It’s a plot twist too juicy for JKR not to use. Then again, maybe …
  8. Harry inherits 12 Grimmauld Place. After all, he is probably Sirius’ heir — probably, not for certain. If so, that lets the Order keep the house, and it gives Harry his own digs, safe from detection. In fact, technically it even gives him ownership of Kreacher, though I don’t think the elf will obey Harry. That, too, would be an interesting twist.
  9. Harry speaks to the Quibbler, but not the Prophet. This is an easy one. Why would Harry talk to a newspaper that has printed such evil lies about him? He’ll keep on talking to Mr. Lovegood and let Luna’s father print everything first and make all the daily profits (Ha!) from resale to that “Other Paper.” In fact, I expect Harry to make at least one visit to Luna’s house over the summer, which leads to …
  10. Harry + Luna (and Hermione gets jealous). You saw it in OotP; now it will come to the foreground since Harry will be a lot more involved with the Quibbler anyway. Besides, Harry and Luna have a lot in common: they can see thestrals, hear the dead, and plenty of people have called them crazy. Luna also has a sort of noble serenity that Harry desperately needs. He needs the love of a good woman, and Luna is very good indeed … and he won’t let nargles stand in the way of a good kiss this time, I hope. What about Hermione? Well, as much as she flirts and bickers with Ron, I think her true love is Harry; and as rational as she is, she is also still human, so I expect her to be jealous of Luna. And don’t think Ron won’t notice, which means …
  11. Ron’s jealousy grows. We’ve seen glimpses of Ron’s jealous streak over Harry’s money and Hermione’s feelings for Viktor. Expect that to grow enormously huge once Ron realizes that Hermione fancies Harry over him. JKR is no stranger to irony, and the irony here is that Ron is quite rich indeed, especially in Harry’s view, by having such a wonderful family and no dark wizards trying to kill him. To Ron, Harry has all the money, all the glory, all the Quidditch skill, a better broom – even his own mother’s affections, which he doesn’t like to share. And don’t forget Ron’s older twin brothers respect Harry while they still treat Ron like a little twerp. Harry has even enabled those brothers to set up their own business, which Ron could never do. So Ron has plenty of reasons to envy Harry, and if he loses Hermione as well, the result could be violent and tragic.
  12. The Dursleys are attacked and taken to St. Mungo’s. Yes, Voldy will try to destroy Harry’s home protection by destroying the home – not the building, but the familial bond that protects him. It only lasts as long as Petunia makes him welcome: no more Petunia, no more welcome. Expect the Dursleys to get it when they are outside of 4 Privet Drive somewhere, and expect them to be taken to St. Mungo’s, the only place to treat curses. As to whether they will live, I have no idea … but I do expect Harry will have more positive feelings for them than even he ever expected.
  13. Lucius Malfoy is sprung from Azkaban. You better believe it. Maybe Draco or Narcissa will smuggle him a wand. More likely he’ll bribe his way out. This could be by paying off the new guards, or by paying off friends in high places. Either way, he’ll be out before the end of Book 6.
  14. Draco Malfoy finally becomes a full-fledged Death Eater. Remember that in JKR’s world, 17 is the age of majority (is this true of the Muggle-UK as well?). Thus when Harry is 17, all through Book 7, he will be an adult and able to use magic. We don’t know when Draco’s birthday is, but how much do you want to bet it’s before the end of the school year? Once he is of age he will fulfill his greatest dream, to join his parents at the side of Lord Voldemort. Come to think of it, I don’t know why he couldn’t have joined already. Is it likely Voldy would refuse supporters because they’re underage? I believe he does, but only for a practical reason: maybe wizards under 17 cannot be held to a magical contract? Er, no, that would mean Harry didn’t have to do the Tri-Wizard Tournament. It’s a puzzler. Anyway, Draco becomes a Death Eater. Count on it.
  15. Draco helps the DE attack Hogwarts. This is another obvious one. In fact, I’d expect he somehow comes by the Marauder’s Map and they get in through the Shrieking Shack. Not sure if the Marauder’s Map mentions how to deactivate the Whomping Willow. If not, it could be comical: the Death Eaters come slinking out and … WHOMP!!
  16. Bigger roles for the Creeveys. I hate to sound callous, but I figure one or both of them will die. Whether they do or not, Colin and Dennis will be avid and powerful members of the DA.
  17. Fred and George do a bang-up business. As I said above, this is further cause for resentment on Ron’s part. Expect Weasley inventions to play a significant role in defeating the DE, finding Ludo Bagman, and much more. And that reminds me …
  18. Bagman will return. We’ll find out where he’s been hiding, and we might see Voldy sacrifice him to the goblins for their support. Definitely, he’ll be a desperate man.
  19. Mrs. Weasley finds out where Fred and George got the money and is furious – at Harry! This is actually a long shot. I would expect Molly to give her approval to the twins as long as they are successful, but maybe not. Maybe she’ll feel that too many of her children are getting away from her. I think she’ll be angry at Harry, though she’ll be ashamed of it. Actually, I think Molly’s got a lot to be ashamed of (see below).
  20. Ginny’s relationship with Dean Thomas bothers Ron … and Molly. We saw in OotP that Ron was upset to hear Ginny is dating Dean Thomas, and then … nothing. If you read Galadriel Waters’ excellent book, you know that when JKR suddenly changes the subject, that’s a clue! So, what is the clue leading to? Plainly, Ron doesn’t want Ginny and Dean to be together, but why? Some might say racism, and I’d have to agree … but not the way you think. It’s not the fact that Dean is black that bothers Ron, but the fact that he is Muggle-born. Of course, Hermione is Muggle-born and Ron has taken up with her, but as with all prejudices, people lack self-criticism: they don’t hold themselves to the same standard they set for others. The question is, especially considering who his father is, why would Ron have anti-Muggle prejudice? Well, I think he gets it from his mother, and that in Book 6 …
  21. Molly Weasley’s prejudices will become apparent. I have a theory about Molly. Remember that she is related to the Blacks, but a “blood-traitor”. While Molly has made a decision to turn her back on her upbringing, she cannot erase it. As much as she knows it is wrong, deep down inside she still has anti-Muggle feelings. For that matter, she despised Sirius in OotP for being a prisoner, even though he was innocent. Quite simply, Molly is concerned with “what is proper,” and she despises “what is improper”. Notice how she treats Mundungus, even though he has never done anything to her and Dumbledore vouches for him. To Molly, being a thief is improper, as is being a prisoner, even if you’re innocent … or being Muggle-born, even if you’re a fine and decent person. For these reasons, you can expect that Molly will disapprove of Ron’s and Ginny’s romantic choices. Yes, she is nice to Hermione, but she has to be, doesn’t she? Her outward behavior doesn’t show what she feels inside. One wonders what she will think when she finds out Fleur Delacour is part veela. One must also expect that her attitude has rubbed off on her children, probably in things she said and did when they were small and she thought they wouldn’t understand or remember. That’s how prejudices are passed on, after all.
  22. Harry returns as Gryffindor seeker. Yes, Umbridge’s “lifetime ban” was pretty lame – a schoolteacher cannot ban you from playing a sport for life. So Harry will be back. Unless …
  23. Harry does not return as seeker. After all, he’s got a lot on his plate. Ginny is seeker now and might not want to give up the job, even though she told Harry she’d rather be a chaser. Worse, if they compete for it she might actually beat Harry, and that would embarrass him. OotP makes two books in a row where Harry hasn’t played Quidditch (well he played, but not for long). In fact, I can think of a good reason for JKR to “ban” him: it takes up too much of the story, which is becoming increasingly dense. Reducing Quidditch would bring the next book down several dozen pages at least.
  24. Mimbulus Mimbletonia will be important. We still don’t know exactly what it does. We still haven’t met Great Uncle Algie either. I expect both will be fleshed out in Book 6.
  25. Kreacher returns. Ah, but the interesting thing is, where? Is he still at 12 Grimmauld Place? Sirius is dead, is it still tied to the house? It would make sense that he is now working for Narcissa Malfoy, even if still present at Phoenix HQ. Very dangerous, that little creature.
  26. The two-way mirrors will be important. I am supposing that Hermione repairs the one Harry broke, which she is so good at. This would mean the pieces are still available, which suggests that either A) Harry keeps them or B) harry gets rescued from Privet drive before he even unpacks his trunk. Hey, Hermione did say they would be coming for him “really soon”. How sooner can you get than Chapter 1? I think Harry and Hermione will use them for two reasons. First, they have done lots of secret stuff together, and the mirrors enable secret missions. Second, it would bring Harry and Hermione closer together, which I believe is their ultimate fate – a couple.
  27. Buckbeak is freed and returns to Hagrid. After Sirius, Hagrid and Harry are his only friends, and Harry will be too busy with school to care for him. Hagrid will no doubt turn him loose in the Forbidden Forest, where he will be very happy…until he gets dissed by a Centaur, perhaps. Speaking of which…
  28. The Centaurs join Voldemort. Look at it from their point of view. The Forest is theirs, Hagrid has brought a giant in, students have tried to use them to ambush Umbridge (adding to their outrage, they fell for it) and Dumbledore is entirely on the opposing side in every case. We don’t know how Dumbledore got Umbridge away from the Centaurs, but I’ll bet it wasn’t polite. Add to this the fact that one of their own has gone to work for – GASP! – humans. Nevermind that they kicked Firenze out and tried to murder him; fanatics are never self-critical.
  29. Harry gets a new broom and gives the Firebolt to Ron. This makes sense. If Ron is still on the Gryffindor Quidditch team he could use a Firebolt, and Harry is being more assertive now, so he’ll probably splurge and buy himself the latest model. Expect Ginny to get Ron’s Cleansweep.
  30. Dolores Umbridge returns, and boy is she mad (and I mean it in both senses of the word). You didn’t expect her to go away quietly, did you? She’ll be out as Fudge’s pet hag because Fudge will be out, but she won’t be shoved aside entirely. She is far too “dedicated” for that. Expect her and Fudge to both show up at the worst possible moment, after having done something truly horrible. Remember, she really seems to hate Hermione, doesn’t she?
  31. Hagrid does indeed find a girlfriend for Grawp. Since I cannot possibly imagine what such a female would be like, it’s best to leave it at that. I do think it’ll be toward the end of the book, however, unless her presence is important to the action, as Grawp’s was.
  32. Dementors are out of control. You knew this one, right? All I can say is, Harry should be grateful for his Aunt’s protection. Indeed…
  33. Harry and Petunia grow closer. We saw a hint of this in Book 5. Now if something happens to Vernon and/or Dudley, but Petunia is spared, look for her to worry terribly, and for Harry to comfort her. This could be the blow that breaks the ice between them. He’s already finally realized that his Aunt is his mother’s sister. Now maybe we’ll hear her side of the story that has been kept quiet so far. Even if we don’t…
  34. More magical history will be revealed. Especially the important stuff, like who Harry’s grandparents were, and what happened to them. Most especially, how many of them (he had four, like everyone else) were Magical? Don’t assume Petunia was a squib. It could be a lot more complicated than that. VERY complicated, especially if…
  35. Harry learns he is related to the Malfoys…and the Blacks, the Lestranges, and even the Weasleys. Remember Molly saying Harry was “as good as” her own son? And there’s got to be some connection if Harry is going to inherit 12 Grimmauld Place. This could also explain the Malfoys’ hatred of Harry: not just because he “vanquished the Dark Lord” but because James was a blood-traitor.
  36.  Lupin returns as DADA teacher and hooks up with Sybil Trelawney. This seems likely because of two things. First, harry has lost Sirius, so he needs Lupin. Second, in Book 3 Trelawney seemed to have hot pants for Lupin. Hey, who better to marry a werewolf than a woman who herself has been despised and cast out? All the staff knew he was a werewolf; that probably made her love him even more. Lupin does suffer alone with noble dignity through no fault of his own. I think Trelawney will pursue him and, being Lupin, he’ll be too nice to refuse her.
  37. Cho Chang quits DA and turns against Harry. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” after all. You can bet JKR has read that famous passage, and she will surely demonstrate it literally in Book 6. The fact that Cho actually scorned Harry won’t matter to her; she has very little capacity for self-criticism. Gee, have you noticed that about a lot of characters? Or about a lot of people in real life?
  38. Hermione’s parents are important. We haven’t seen much of them, but we will. Sooner or later Harry will have to go to Hermione’s house, especially if (as I think) Harry and Hermione will end up as a couple. When he does we’ll get to know the Grangers quite well. I would like to think we’ll meet them when they have Harry over for tea and it’ll be a fine old time. I shudder to think what the Death Eaters might do to get at Harry, like attacking the Muggle parents of one of his best friends. One thing is for sure, they will definitely figure large in Book 6.
  39. Bill and Charlie (and Fleur Delacour) play bigger roles. Expect Bill and Fleur’s romance to be a running subplot. It may be comic, tragic, or just splendid. You’ve been warned.And what about Charlie? Ever since the first book he’s been off in Romania. Isn’t he done studying those dragons by now? Shouldn’t he have a job already? Probably a dragon-handler, sure, we expect it, but hasn’t he got his D.D. (Doctor of Dragonology) yet? I would hope so, as I expect dragons to be important in the sixth (and especially seventh) book.
  40. Bill marries Fleur. This might not happen until Book 7, but I’m rooting for Book 6. Like I said, it will be splendid, and we need some splendor in among the rubble of the lives Voldemort is sure to ruin. Expect Ginny and Hermione to get heavily into it.
  41. Hufflepuffs draw closer to Gryffindor, while Ravenclaws draw closer to Slytherin. This is their natural inclination. Have you noticed how the HP books mirror the times? Just as people are more extreme politically these days, expect the Houses to go to extremes. Consider for example that Marietta Edgecombe, the sneak, is a Ravenclaw. There will be two emotional dynamics coming from this. First, Ravenclaws will be embarrassed that one of their own was so untrustworthy. But also, they will be insulted at the way she suffered under a spell by Hermione Granger, a Gryffindor smarty-pants who nobody ever liked anyway. It’s bad enough that their girl is now despised – and many of them despise her for not being more clever, not for being a sneak – but it is far worse that someone in another house, especially that Brainiac Hermione Granger, got her so good. And have you noticed Brainiac Granger is a hottie nowadays? And she’s always around that handsome, tragic, rich and famous boy hottie, Harry Potter. The girls of Ravenclaw will hate her even more. And Marietta Edgecombe is still a good friend of Cho Chang, who is still jealous of Hermione, who Cho still thinks is Harry’s true love. Maybe Mr. Lovegood should publish The Magical Enquirer instead.
  42. The heavily-mustached wizard and the frizzy-haired witch in the second row, from Chapter 8 of Book 5, will be back … and hostile to Harry. I don’t think they were mentioned just in passing. They were Fudge’s cronies, and they might be out on the street with him. Expect them to be after Harry, even (or especially) if they don’t lose their jobs.
  43. Voldemort invades Harry’s mind again. You can be sure of it. And you can be sure he will learn of the full, entire prophecy since Harry has heard and seen it in the Pensieve.
  44. Nagini turns out to be Harry’s friend from the zoo. Remember that snake from Book 1? I am shocked that nobody else has seen this. Nagini is almost definitely the snake Harry released from the snakehouse. And remember, Harry can talk to snakes. And Harry was kind to this snake. And Voldemort simply uses this snake as a slave. And it pays to have your enemy’s servant in your debt. Let’s see, that’s Pettigrew, Nagini…who else can Harry help out? Does he even need to? Consider that Voldemort depended – and may still depend – almost totally on these two. I think I can see how Harry might “vanquish” Voldemort without killing him…or without Harry HIMSELF killing him. Maybe I’ve said too much already.
  45.  Ghosts will be important. They can act as spies, and can even shock people by floating through them. And, let’s face it, they cannot be killed – they’re already dead! And wouldn’t they be terrifying to Voldemort, who fears death? In fact … you don’t suppose … VOLDEMORT BECOMES A GHOST in Book 7?This could be Dumbledore’s “fate worse than death.” Think of it: forced to live in a world he cannot affect, unable to go on to the Next World, stuck here, incorporeal forever. And don’t forget ghosts can be banished. Do you expect anyone would let Voldemort’s ghost haunt them, even former Death Eaters? No, they’d be too embarrassed at their failures and annoyed as the ghostly Voldemort continued to try to manipulate them. He would be banished everywhere that anyone recognized him. Bodiless and without effect, a hollow shadow of what he was, unable even to wield a wand. Surely this would be a fate far worse than death.

    And finally…

  46. Neville surprises us all. Don’t ask me why, but I think Neville may in fact save the day. Maybe it’s because of his valiant effort in the Department of Mysteries. It’s also because his parents were very strong wizards, and the only thing holding him back are those awful memory charms. We are all fairly sure that Neville will break those charms, or they will be broken for him, maybe by Harry with some sort of legilimency trick – you did know Harry will turn out to be a powerful legilimens didn’t you?


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