The U-Bend #10: And the Winner Is…

by Andrew Lee and Robert Lanto

“Mighty MuggleNet” Fan Site of the Month on

-MuggleNet Announcement

Well, it has finally happened: Mugglenet has been honored by as the fansite of the month. Well, we’re a week late, but an article talking about chocolate bars really needed to be done. And while some people have already judged that article worthy of the ‘garbage’ (you know who you are), from now on you’ll be reading award winning ‘garbage’ on MuggleNet. Before we go any further, we must give credit where credit is due and congratulate everyone who has worked on the site. True, when it comes down to it, “technically” we are the new kids on the block (rest assured we don’t sing). The U-bend is one of the youngest editorial columns on MuggleNet, so we may not know much about the site. However, we do know when it is time to honor those who are better than us (well, except the North Tower, Maline is always glaring down on us with her obvious editorial superiority).

First, we should mention ‘master of all things MuggleNet,’ our leader, Emerson. We do this (not only because he tolerates this column’s existence) because without him there would be no MuggleNet. From what we understand, he built up this site from scratch. Before the Potter films, toys, video games and home bandage kit. He started MuggleNet before Potter hit the ‘mainstream’. Without Emerson’s tireless efforts we wouldn’t have half the stuff that is on MuggleNet right now. Emerson is the person who holds this site together. Without a strong leader, a website descends into chaos with clashing egos and political infighting. Emerson knows how to keep that balance of running a good site, without elitism or overindulging in flashy gimmicks. The site may have gone through several changes, but Emerson has shown us that persistence is what makes a website truly great.

Next, we should thank the tireless editorial staff who go over all the editorial submissions and columns, especially our MuggleNet column coordinator, Jaymz (who runs the technical side of this column, like actually posting it, editors note: don’t forget all grammar and spelling errors I fit :-), thanks for the acknowledgment). Also, we should include all the other editorial writers (including the North Tower), who provide unique looks into different sections of the Potter universe. We’d also like to single out Robbie “the editorial writing machine” Fischer, who virtually lives, eats, breathes and sleeps editorial content. We would also like to honor those writers (Gryffindor Tower, Pensive, Quibbler) who have retired to the sunny paradise of reality (what’s it like out there?). Without the MuggleNet editorial system, we would have never, ever tried to share any of our Potter related ideas to the public (which may be a good thing now that we think about it). But, in all seriousness the MuggleNet editorial section is very important because it allows everyone to share ideas in well thought-out pieces. Finally, we should include the Burrow, which has the unique distinction of allowing virtually any person to participate in it. If you wrote any editorial for MuggleNet, you should try and participate in the Burrow.

Next, we honor the MuggleNet initiative. If there is anything that this site has done, it has provided ways for the readers to get together for good causes. Tired of stalking Rupert Grint? Well, Project GRINT was there to mass mail the guy (and allow you a convenient way to bypass the restraining order) with all kinds of stuff for his birthday. All kidding aside, the CoS Server Appeal shows that when you do something well (in this case, providing a forum for all things Potter), the people will respond to help. As long as people keep responding to the causes that MuggleNet needs help with, the site will provide. Anyone can make a Harry Potter fansite, but when the site asks for something and the readers deliver, that is something to be proud of.

Finally, there are two more very important people we’d like to thank. First, we’d like to thank J.K. Rowling in return. Without her, there would be no MuggleNet, as there would be no Potter universe to appreciate. Forget the petty issues (like the Mars bars and where does Hagrid keep all the keys), without J.K. Rowling establishing the base for us, we all wouldn’t be here doing this. Next, we honor all of you, the readers of MuggleNet. If you hadn’t kept coming back, submitting content and participating throughout the site, this site would be nothing. Without all of you out there, wherever you are, MuggleNet would not have even been considered for this award.

So, in conclusion this site may have won the prestigious ‘Site of the Month’ award but that doesn’t mean everything will change. We’ll still be here doing what we do best, and you’ll (hopefully) still visit on a regular basis. So continue to vote in the polls (thanks to 15,000 other people we’ll never know what J.K. voted), participate in the surveys, submit that Photoshop® fun, participate on the message boards and we’ll continue to provide the top notch Muggle-related side of Harry Potter. That and continue to write our award winning ‘garbage’.