CC #107: Week of November 7, 2004

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Harry and Ron: We’re following the leader, the leader, the leader. We’re following the leader, wherever she may go.
Hermione: Will you two be quiet?

The New Crew of Charlie’s Angels proudly walks out from behind a pillar. In order to avoid sexist criticism, it was declared that males would now be ‘Angels’ too.

Harry: ‘You see, my eyes couldn’t be green in this scene because they wanted them to match my shirt!’
-Olivia M.

Harry: This might be dangerous – using the Time Turner to go to 2005 and check the filming of Goblet of Fire.
Hermione: Dumbledore said that if we succeed, the integrity of two HP movies can be saved!
Ron: Bloody hell! Newell’s going to cut all the R/H evidence from the Yule Ball scene! Nooo

Hermione: Is Godric’s Hollow a town, neighborhood, street, or house?
Harry: It sounds more like a fisherman’s cove to me…
Ron: Funny… I always thought of it as a strip club…

Harry, Hermione, and Ron emerge from Hogwarts’ computer room with somber faces.
Gargoyle: What’s wrong with you lot?
Hermione: According to MuggleNet’s new Fan Fiction Section, Harry and I are going to get married.
Ron: At least you two didn’t end up with Snape…

In a surprise move today, the Bush administration has replaced Attorney General John Ashcroft with Hermione, Harry, and Ron. ‘Though they aren’t US Citizens, they are from our most trusted ally and they have certain abilities which we… err… could use now…’ said the President.

Harry: *Thinking* Wait a minute… wasn’t this eagle statue over Dumbledore’s office in the last movie?

Ron speculates in terror whether the distortion of his face has anything to do with the fact that he recently watched The Ring.

Reviewer: ‘I swear. With the way things are going, the supposed ‘’Dream Team” could become Gap models!’

Harry, Ron, and Hermione accidentally found themselves on the set of Maggie Smith’s other movie, ‘The Secret Garden’.

After his death, the spirit of Ron’s head followed Hermione and Harry around everywhere.

Director: ‘Well that is just the saddest looking conga line I have ever seen!’
-Emma H.

Harry finally succeeds in separating Ron and Hermione’s dots.

‘You know… I never liked Tinkerbelle, but being eaten by Buckbeak is a fate no one deserves.’
-Myra S.

Hermione: ‘We’ve been past this statue three times. Will you two now ask for directions?! Typical men!’

Following Alfonso Cuaron’s change of location for Hogwarts, The Trio gets lost for their forty-sixth time on their way to Divination.

Ron: Who is that?
Harry: I dunno.
Hermione: Why is Goyle kissing a white ferret?

Harry and Ron: We’re following the leader, the leader, the leader. We’re following the leader, wherever she may go.
Hermione: *Grumbles* Why do I always have to be the leader?

The new CD cover for Harry’s band, the Harry Potter project.





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