Potter Poetry, Week Two

He’s Alone

by Lauren

He’s alone
With one other man
The only man
he can relate to

the one man he despises above all others

Only one man
can understand his feelings

only one man can help
but he shan’t admit it

it’s their own little secret

Harry and Tom
bound together

by more than they know
they have only each other
to lean on

to support

to understand
What they feel

The only man
he can relate to
is the one he despises

above all others

Book 5 Haiku

by Kimione

Scar on my forehead
vestige of the killing curse
wakes me up shaking

warm dormitory
velvet drapes around my bed
finally I’m home

world’s best racing broom
even faster than Malfoy’s
Quidditch cup is ours!

dark lord is angry
his presence invades my dreams
long dark corridors

ominous secret
encased inside a glass orb
chilling prophecy

loss of a loved one
grief is tearing me apart
no one understands

summer plans are bleak
at least now ministry knows
Voldemort is back

Tears Appear

by Meggle the Book Obsessive

My eyelids droop; the room starts to blur,
I hear many things including the computer’s purr,
The one thing I want right now is to sleep,
But HE keeps entering my thoughts that are deep.
I know he doesn’t exist; I know he isn’t real,
But that doesn’t change the way that I feel.
My grief for him isn’t raw and fresh –
I don’t know what is it, ’cause my mind’s a mess.

Think me stupid; think me strange,
Think whatever; think me deranged,
But nowadays I don’t know what to do –
Now that Sirius has indeed fallen through.

It can’t be true; he can’t be dead,
Stupid Ministry, putting prices on his head.
They chased the wrong man for two solid years,
And twelve he spent alone, with only his worst fears.

Okay, it’s true, he’s beyond te veil;
Tears appear as I tell the tale,
‘Cause, do you know what gets me the most?
He could have been cleared; he was SO close.

To comprehend his death I fail,
I resist attacking Bella, tooth-to-nail;
The only answer must be beyond the veil.

Harry Potter, Beyond the Pain

by Jo Jesica

A boy made into a man
far before he could be a child.
Trapped inside his own head, blocked by his fears.
the need to prove himself, to find a way to let the world know.
There is a person behind the pain.
A child beyond the scar.
Feeling so insecure,
As he made new friends
Letting the anger sink through,
discovering old enemies.
Living in a world he doesn’t belong to,
Fighting for the world he can’t fully comprehend,
Knowing life is hard, but following the guidance of those who love him.
Losing the ones he loves.
He knows in the end a life must be lost,
trying to grasp a fate worse than death.