Madam Puddifoot’s: Why I Became a Harry/Luna Shipper

by Jenna

I’ve never really considered Harry’s romantic prospects much. I haven’t been for or against any of Harry’s ships [except for, I must admit to be fair: H/Hr, because I am a firm believer in R/Hr] Lately, however – I’ve been paying more attention to shipping theories and upon my latest re-read of OotP – I paid much closer attention to the girls in Harry’s life.

I believe attraction and ‘noticing’ someone is a moot point for the argument of Harry’s romantic future, because he was attracted to Cho Chang, he noticed her third year – and look how that turned out. Harry’s next relationship should be based on who will be the best for him. I think it’s clearly narrowed down to three candidates: Hermione, Ginny, and Luna. I paid close attention to the details of all three girls, and I noticed Harry’s interaction with them, and what they do for him. Most importantly, I evaluated what Harry needs from this relationship

After a little deliberation, I didn’t try to force myself to any conclusion. I let it float around in my mind for a while. But then it suddenly hit me – Luna is everything Harry needs. Within a matter of mere seconds I realized I was officially a Harry/Luna shipper. So now, what must I do?

Spread the word, and explain why Potter-Lovegood is the perfect match.

Harry needs to take a break.

No, he doesn’t need to run away – he just needs to be able to get his mind off things once in a while. Hermione can’t provide this for him; it is practically her duty to keep Harry fully-informed, fully-aware, and to stay on top of things. As much as Harry needs this, too – Hermione needs to back off a little, and Harry needs to find someone who can provide him with an escape. Who better than Luna? She practically lives in her own orbit, and she has perfected the art of being thoroughly unaware of her surroundings. She can help Harry relax, and not spend every minute of the day wondering if Voldemort’s going to jump out from behind dustbins and do him in. At the same time, Luna is not dangerously unaware of her surroundings – she knew exactly what was happening in the Department of Mysteries, and she’s in Ravenclaw for a reason (though, I’ve wondered about Cho…) She’ll know when Harry needs to get to business.

Harry needs someone to comfort him.

Hermione, Ginny, and Luna all provide Harry with comfort in OotP. Hermione causes too much aggravation for her comfort to count much; Ginny is essential in convincing Harry that he’s not possessed, reminding him that he’ll be back on the Quidditch team once Umbridge is gone, and getting a plan into action when he wants to speak with Sirius. However, it is Luna – aside from getting her father to publish Harry’s story, being one of the first to openly express confidence in Harry, and ‘heartening’ him at the Gryffindor vs. Slytherin match with the roar of her ‘ludicrous lion hat’ – that makes the most colossal impact. She is the only one who is able to console him after Sirius’s passing – not Hagrid, not Dumbledore, not Ron, not Hermione – but Luna. She is the one who can comfort him with one of his biggest issues.

What Harry can offer her.

There isn’t really much Harry could bring to a relationship with Ginny or Hermione – they don’t need him, they’d be taking care of him, it wouldn’t be very mutual. The main thing Hermione needs is to relax a little – and Harry certainly can’t provide her with that. Ginny spent the last book ‘growing’ her independence; she doesn’t need to fall back into the ‘Harry’ pattern again. Luna, however, needs more respect, and she needs to come back to our planet. For Luna, being with someone as high-profile as Harry – who everyone, at last, respects – might help prevent the theft of all her things (even if I still thought she was crazy, I don’t think I’d steal from Harry Potter’s girlfriend…). As for ‘Project: Earth to Luna,’ well – Harry needs to zone out a bit, and Luna needs to zone in a bit. They could compromise.

In conclusion, Luna provides Harry with what he’ll really be needing from a relationship his sixth year, and he can give her what she needs in return. Besides – Hermione and Ginny would be good for a nice romance subplot, but a blossoming relationship with Luna would be a lot more interesting.