Potter Poetry, Week Four

The Creevy Rave

by Laurelina

“I saw him! I saw him!
I saw him, I swear!
He’s the thin boy with glasses
Green eyes, and dark hair!

“Just walking down the hall
He was fuming a lot
Yelling and shouting
Do you think he’s distraught?”

“Angry, Dennis? How could he be?”
Said the older and wiser Colin Creevy.
“He’s just giving those liars a good dose of defying
That Daily Prophet can be quite trying.”

“That Daily Prophet!
That sour-tasting Fudge!
We ought to crumble him, splatter him,
Show him a grudge!”

“That’s not smart, Dennis.”
“Why not?” he retorted.
“Playing with Harry Potter
He’ll soon be thwarted!”

“He’s playing with Harry Potter
Yes, it’s true
But he won’t get away
Have I got news for you.

“We don’t intervene
Harry’s got his own plan
You just sit back and watch
He’ll take command.

“He killed You-Know-Who, remember?
And he’s The Boy Who Lived, see?
He’ll get the Ministry, hard and fast
And then for their lives they’ll plea!”


by T. E.

He was falling
My heart seemed to stop beating
So did his

He falls
A feather rushed
Through the grasp of time
Of reality
And I fall
A helpless spot of
Into something blacker
Than a piece of cloth could ever manage

We both see the maniacal
Face of a murderess
Staring back with malicious desire
As she points at the fallen
With nine inches of willow

He’s disappearing
And the maniac smiles
But doesn’t lose her focus
Her strength

My heart beats again
Races wildly
I know this can’t be the end

But unlike him
I rise
To see a veil float back
To stillness
To the silence of death

And even though I refuse to believe it,
It’s over.

Locked Door Dreams

by Bridget

Scary dreams
Inside my head.
Doors and hallways,
Cedric Dead,
Biting Arthur
Can it be?
Or is something else
Controlling me?

When I got this scar
We made a link.
Now Voldemort
Sees what I think.
I seethe with his anger,
Wince with his pain
And shudder to think
What weapon he’s gained.

They say I must learn
To close my mind,
But what’s behind that door
I want to find.
How can I shut out
These terrible dreams
When still I wonder
What that door means?

I cast a spell

by Ashley

Keep on, then, with your magic spells… which you have labored at since childhood. Perhaps you will succeed, perhaps you will cause terror.
(Isaiah 47:12)

I cast a spell.
And what does it do?
Did I save them?
What did I create?

Let there be light!
But it is so small and
I’m still blind

A door open!
But just one passage and
I’m still trapped

Something flies!
But just one feather and
I’m still earthbound

Something comes!
But nothing is gained and
I’m still impoverished

I cast a spell.
And what did I do?
I didn’t even save myself.
What did I destroy?

Unloyal Servant

by Monica

Unloyal servant of the Dark Lord,
Be cautious in your task,
Not everything can hide,
Behind your silver mask.

Unloyal servant of the Dark Lord,
Tread softly down your path,
Know that one mistake and then,
You’ll face the Dark Lord’s wrath.

Unloyal servant of the Dark Lord,
Secretly fighting for the light,
Playing the double-agent role,
But you alone know what’s right.

Unloyal servant of the Dark Lord,
You will always be alone,
Not allowed to get too close,
You do it all on your own.

Unloyal servant of the Dark Lord,
On both sides of the feud,
Remember there’s no second chance,
One mistake, game over, you’re screwed.

Unloyal servant of the Dark Lord,
Your job most dangerous of all,
Fighting for both good and bad,
You answer to either call.

Unloyal servant of the Dark Lord,
Your courage is so great,
To risk it all unquestioning,
Playing with fire, messing with fate,

Unloyal servant of the Dark Lord,
Take comfort in what I say,
Someday this will all be over,
The day just isn’t today.

Unloyal servant of the Dark Lord,
Watch for his traps so snareful,
The world needs you unloyal servant,
So please, please be careful.

Thanks for your time.

The Dementors

by Dementor Breath

The Dementors glided across the grass,
Hiding it in frost
They affected me as they passed,
Leaving my mind lost.
The cloaked figure reached down upon me,
Breathing his icy breath
He would steal my soul, I could see,
A fate much worse than death.
His rotted hands pulled back his hood,
Revealing his true form
I saw his scabbed head from where I stood,
Against the black night storm.
I was enveloped in foggy gloom,
His mouth now close to mine
A soulless body was my doom,
A face that would not shine.
My soul began to drift away,
Leaving me so hollow
But something happened that very day,
Saving me from sorrow.
The patronus chased them into the sky,
Bathing them in light
Into the clouds, it went so high,
Ramming them with might.
That day I had a near miss,
But there’s one thing you can’t ignore
The true key to being saved is bliss,
When you’re against a Dementor.